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About James


About me

There are many hosting service providers out in the internet today and all of them want you to do business with them. Most of the offers you hear or read about probably come from aggressive web hosting resellers. These web hosting reseller buy big server space from primary host providers then they sell them into smaller pieces or chunks to individual users.

These hosting resellers are basically marketers for the bigger web hosting providers. buy large hosting packages from these big hosting providers; these big providers are capable of housing thousands of servers in their offices. These hosting facilities are so secure that the large businesses of fortune 500 trust them for the security of their websites. The benefits you get out of this are topnotch security for your website and a faster internet connection offered by these big hosts. The reseller couldn’t provide this alone.

There is also a benefit that you get with resellers that you might not directly notice. This is their expertise in marketing. The resellers may not directly know how network security works but they sure know how to package your product and make it the most attractive to your clientele. These services are also priced competitively so you get a good buy and in turn your online life becomes easier.

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The resellers don’t necessarily know the technical details of how these servers work or how they maintain your websites. These functions cost money since the set up and maintenance of the servers needed cost a small fortune. The actual maintenance of the servers needed to keep your website running and protect your business data is at the very least, meticulous. This is why the resellers are able to provide web hosting services at such competitive prices because they are not the ones providing and maintaining these services. Most of the resellers are not able to do this and if they could, the prices of their services will dramatically increase.

When you do business with these resellers, they actually pass the work on to the big hosting companies. This might sound a little scary but this system really does benefit you; it does not put you at a disadvantage.

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These big hosting companies have adept technicians maintaining their servers. The servers are able to provide you with your much needed services because of these trained professionals. Even if there are problems and your website is down, these troubleshooters will most likely find a solution at the quickest possible time. It is after all their job to keep their servers running to keep your website up and running. The resellers couldn’t manage this alone this is why they need to entrust this to the professionals.

The marketers or the resellers may not be the best technically versed bunch but they sure know customer service. If you do business with them, you get to transact with the more small business-friendly entity but you get the technical support of the big hosts, since the big hosts will still provide you with the hosting services.

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