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Petasos Cape

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Location type: Kaap
Location address: Greece, Lemnos, Myrina
Number of texts: 2
5 stars
Made by Dromos | Reference Pascal Brackman
Made by Dromos

View on Petasos Cape from the castle of Myrina. This place is the origin of the expression “Lemnian deeds”. According to a Hellenic legend, the women of Lemnos were all deserted by their husbands for Thracian women, and in revenge they murdered every man on the island throwing them from this cape. From this barbarous act, the expression Lemnian deeds became proverbial among the Hellenes. Lemnian deeds is a term that refers to the cruel slaughter of someone as revenge.

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Made by Dromos | Reference Pascal Brackman
Made by Dromos | Reference Wikipedia & Roy Kalamandaris

North of the Romeikos Ghialos Bay, you can see a whale like rock pointing to the west. This is Cape Petasos. Based on a legend, it was here that the women of Limnos killed their men by throwing them from the rocks into the sea. But as with every good legend, you can find quite some nice alternatives (see further). The women had neglected their worship of Aphrodite, and as a punishment the goddess made the women so foul in stench that their husbands could not bear to be near them. The men then took concubines from the Thracian mainland opposite. An alternative version of this legend States that this with with the permission of the women since they realised it was only fair because of the incredible smell. Nevertheless, the spurned women, angry at Aphrodite, killed all the male inhabitants while they slept. The king, Thoas, was saved by Hypsipyle, his daughter, who put him out to sea sealed in a chest from which he was later rescued. The women of Lemnos lived for a while without men, with Hypsipyle as their queen. During the visit of the Argonauts the women mingled with the men creating a new “race” called Minyae. Why these Agronauts were not battered by the stench is not clear. The famous Jason fathered twins with the queen. Heracles pressured them to leave as he was disgusted by the antics of the Argonauts. He had not taken part, which is truly unusual considering the numerous affairs he had with other women.

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