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Saddle of Gali

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Geomorphological POI
Location type: Geomorphological POI
Location address: Greece, Lemnos, Gali
Number of texts: 1
4 stars
Made by Dromos | Reference SEPM Strata
Made by Dromos | Reference Pascal Brackman

The saddle of Gali is the connection between two valleys. This connection is very smooth and you will notice only a very smooth up and down when you cross it by car. But you will notice quite a difference in landscape, agriculture and erosion activity on both side of the saddle.

1) The first valley is the V-shaped valley of Kaspakas. It is going to the west, straight down to the sea.
2) The second valley is the more “smooth” valley of Aghia Kyriaki, going south and turning around the mountain Aghios Athanasios, ending into the sea at Avionas Beach. You will notice that this second valley has smooth slopes and almost a flat valley bottom. 

The difference in shape if caused by the difference in distance to the erosion base level (the sea). For the first valley, the ratio distance to the sea vs height of the saddle is about 4 times bigger than for the second valley. Simply put: if you would walk along the river to the sea, the distance is about 4 times longer in the second case and a such much more smooth and less steep. The equilibrium profile of the rivers in the first valley are not yet reached and have a quite clear erosive effect in the valley. That is not the case in the second valley where the equilibrium is reached and the colluvium and alluvium near the rivers are creating thick and fertile soils used to cultivate grapes (the “Lemnos Organic Wines” are cultivated here) and other crops. 

Linked themes: Wine, Geology, Geography

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