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Mole Nieuwpoort - Ooster- & Westerstaketsel

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Historical place
Location type: Historical place
Location address: België, 8620, Nieuwpoort
Number of texts: 1
3 stars
Made by Westtoer POIs | © All rights reserved
Made by Westtoer POIs | © All rights reserved

The western mole, built in 1865, has a length of 490 m, whereas the eastern mole, dating from the same year, stands 543 m in the sea. On the heads they carry a signal lantern and a foghorn; they resemble miniature lighthouses. During the two World Wars the moles were heavily damaged, not to say destroyed; each time they were built up again.
The two moles are a big attraction and a stopping place for tourists. Get a breath of fresh air.
Sea angling or fishing with a crossed net are popular activities.

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