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The island of Surtsey filmed from the air, I shot this in 2011 as part of my feature-length documentary 'Living with Lava'. This footage never made the final cut but I feel it's important to share such images. I have left the shots long so the viewer can see the island properly, of course being in a light aircraft the wind was quite choppy so some shots are shorter than others. Hopefully there's enough there for people to get a good look at this beautiful little island. This island was born out of a volcanic eruption beneath the Atlantic waters in 1963. I have intercut archive footage of this (this footage is not my property). Surtsey is just a few kilometres off the south coast of Iceland, it is said the French tried to claim the world's youngest island as their own, the Icelanders said 'hands off, it's ours!'. Human access is limited, only a select few can visit to study how life forms in new habitats. Surtesy is slowly being eroded by the Atlantic waters, they say she will be gone in 100 years or so, I'm glad I flew over her and got this footage.

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