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Valley of Traghea



Source: Pascal Brackman

The fertile valley of Traghea is quite peculiar. The plain of the valley floor is at about 200m altitude and relatively flat. It is a typical example of an intramontane basin. Once you go below the 200m threshold, the river cuts v-shaped steep valleys, and the landscape appears much more mountainous with undeep soils. But above the 200m threshold, you will find thick and fertile soils being able to contain a lot of water. You will notice that there is a rich culture of olive trees. You find a bunch of busy villages at the border of this valley glued against the valley walls: Chalki, Kaloxilos, Kerami, Filoti, Dhamarionas, Chimaros, Tsikalario, Pano Potamia.


Chalki, Naxos

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