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Mont Siant Michel
Sheep grazing on the saline pastures near Mont Saint Michel
Source picture: Pascal Brackman
The selected 'tasty spot' is the area around "Mont Saint-Michel" in France. More specific, the pastureland around the estuary of the Mont Saint-Michel.

De bay and landscape around  Mont-Saint-Michel is very much shaped by the tides. Big parts are frequently flooded by the sea and form tidal marshes. As a result, it is a heaven for halophytes or plants living in salinity.

Vlakte rondom Mont Saint Michel
The tidal marshes near Mont-Saint-Michel
Source picture: Pascal Brackman
Pre salé
Bron foto: Pascal Brackman
This area is the pastureland for sheep and cows for centuries. They feast on the saline vegetation. As a result, it makes their meat salty too. This type of meat is called "pré-salé".
You can tast this delicious meat in a number of restaurants near the bay. A famous one where you can try thsi meat is the restaurant "Pré Salé", near the entrance to Mont Saint Michel.

Mont Saint-Michel
Source picture: Pascal Brackman

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