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13 July 2009, 00:00

Public | French

We received quite some requests to provide more routes in the list next to the group map

And this is what the "gimme more"-button  or "Show me more routes"-button does.

The button appears at the bottom of the list next to the  group map. You can also click on the "+"-sign at the top of the list.

Every time you select that button, more routes will be displayed on the map and in the list (one cluster level deeper for the "techies"). You can keep on selecting that button until you reach a max of 100 routes in the list. More routes would make your browser collapse and/or co-RouteYou users would have to wait too long for your action...

Since we are in the middle of the Tour de France ,
check out the new functionality on this group.

A bit more background:

Because some groups and regions contain a lot of routes, we implemented 'clustering' a few months ago. This prevents the map to become a chaotic cloud of route-points. By clicking on the dark areas (clusters) or by zooming, in, you get to see the routes which are part of those clusters.

Not all the routes that are part of the cluster are listed. The most recent and most qualitative  route of the cluster is displayed per cluster. Also the list next to the map is sorted according to that criteria.

In the near future, we will also provide more options to sort the route lists in different ways. Keep on checking our newsitems!

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