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RaceYou, the iPhone application that keeps you fit

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24 March 2010


The new and healthy application on iPhone of AppWizard is out! And it's FREE!

This is what RaceYou can do for you:
  • Download and follow a RouteYou-track on your iPhone
  • Record your own track
  • Race against yourself and compare it with previous results

And as we said...  It's FREE
Download RaceYou from iTunes...

Get a feeling of what is possible. Check out following screenshots of the application:

RaceYou iPhone

Search and select the RouteYou routes in the area where you are

You can download more than 200,000 routes from RouteYou on your iPhone.
Two options are provided
  • routes in the neighbourhood
  • search using a keyword
RaceYou iPhone

Check out the Route specs
You can check the information of each RouteYou-route: distance, score, difficulty level, type of activity. Also the heightprofile is available. And you can check out the route in detail on a map.

Do you like a specific route? You can download it to your iPhone. This route is saved as "My routes".

You don't like any route? You can use the RouteYou Pro-Planner to create your route and save it. It provides you also a great set of statistics to indicate the difficulty level of a route.

RaceYou iPhone
RaceYou iPhone
Follow a route on your iPhone

Select the option  "My routes" to record a new route.
You can select the activity: 
  • walking/running
  • cycling
The iPhone tunes the 'sensitivity' of you GPS, depending on the type of activity. You can switch off the screen of the iPhone during recording, to save battery-power. This way, you can record a route for more than 6 hours.

Recorded routes are saved and are put in the same directory of the routes downloaded from RouteYou.

RaceYou iPhone
RaceYou iPhone
Race against yourself on your iPhone

By means off the track on a map, you can follow a route (no instructions yet). Each time that you follow a route, you can record your "performance". These are called "timings".

This is great!:

If you follow a route which has already "timings", you can see the previous "timings" on the map as dots, and your current position. So you can race against yourself (or other timings).

You can check previous timings to evaluatie your progress.
RaceYou iPhone
RaceYou iPhone RaceYou is the new iPhone application of AppWizard. This application is integrated in the RouteYou possibilities and you can expect more in the future.

Any suggestions? Don't hesitate to send them to RouteYou or to  AppWizard.

Download RaceYou here from iTunes...


Toerisme Vlaams-Brabant

Toerisme Vlaams-Brabant
2013-09-18 08:47:35

Ik vind de app niet terug in de AppStore. Bestaat ‘ie nog?

Deleted user

2010-04-21 13:08:03

thanks for this information