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Check out your POIs on a world map!

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30 September 2010

Mijn POIs
Waterfall of Charavgi, Messinia
Picture source: Pascal Brackman

Check out all your POIs. Or these of another author!

It's easy now to get an overview of your POIs (Points Of Interest) or search for a specific POI.

This is how you get there

  1. Log in on RouteYou and you get to "My Space" / "My Content" / My News"
  2. Selecter the sub-tab "My POIs"
You get an overview of your own POI-set. We show you the top (most informative) 50 POIs of the view window. The more you zoom in, the more POIs you get, but always the top 50 most informative POIs of that area.


You can look for a specific POI within your set 
  • based on a specific place or address
  • based on a name or a part of the location-name
  • based on a specific type (eg. restaurant, musea,...)

Check the POIs of your favourite author on RouteYou

If you want to see the POIs of a specific author, this is how to do it.
  • Click on the author/owner of  a route (at the top) or POI (next to the text)
  • Select the content tab POIs  (check out this example).

Have fun. There are more than half a million POIs at your fingertipt to look into.

You didn't create or add your POI-info yet? Read here how to do this!


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2011-01-16 00:14:16


Deleted user

2010-10-02 13:08:36

Excellent scene