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4 May 2023, 22:00

Author: RouteYou

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The geographers on our team are constantly working to improve our RouteYou map. The goal: a visually more beautiful map that also subtly provides you with even more useful basic information as you plan and explore. 

Latest adjustments:

  • Cropland got a different color for better contrast.
  • In addition to protected areas and parks, land use is now displayed at higher zoom levels. Cropland, grasslands and forests are visible so you know what environment your route is going through. This also makes the map have a warmer feel.
  • Houses and built-up areas are colored differently so that they are more visible, but still do not dominate the map.
  • Walking paths have been given a slightly browner color so that they feel more natural. The map colors fit together better this way.
  • Roads that pass over or under each other are now shown in perspective to each other. This way it is always clear which road runs at the top and which at the bottom.
  • Tunnels can now be recognized by the surrounding dotted line and slightly more transparent color.
  • In the mountains, both exposed bedrock and loose rock are visualized.

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