Orient yourself better thanks to the updated RouteYou map

20 June 2023, 22:00

Author: RouteYou

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The geographers on our team are constantly working to improve our RouteYou map. The goal: a visually more beautiful map that also subtly provides you with even more useful basic information as you plan and explore. 

Latest adjustments:

  • Roads were modified so that they stand out more and are visible more quickly when you zoom in or out. This makes it easier to orient yourself and to search for reference points on the map. Especially at higher zoom levels.
  • Buildings were given a dark gray border so that it is easier to distinguish between large and small buildings in densely built-up areas.
  • Icons were added at religious centers, monuments, statues, mountain peaks, mountain huts... . These become visible from a certain zoom level and add value as reference points. 
  • In addition to the icons, names are also provided. Especially an added value for those who go on excursions in the mountains or city trips.

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