Visualize your route without a background map

8 September 2023, 05:54

Author: RouteYou

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Visualizing your route without a background map, what's the point of that?

It may seem pretty useless to have a map layer option "none", but a lot of our users requested it. And provide a lot of creative uses:

  • Combining your route with photos or other background images.
    If you take a screenshot of the route without a background map, you can quite easily use a drawing program to make the plain background transparent. 
  • Navigating with just the route
    Some users prefer to visualize only the route when navigating to better focus on the route.
  • Clearer view of the additional map layers
    RouteYou has numerous additional map layers that you can visualize on top of the chosen background map: node networks, MTB networks, GR networks, road properties, .... By switching off a 'busy' background map you get a clearer picture of the information that is contained in those additional map layers.

About the RouteYou map layers

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