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Crayfish? What a funny crab!
Sometimes kids think they see crabs in our rivers, think again. It's a Crayfish (crabs live in the sea of course!) !
It can be said that the crayfish is still present in all the rivers of Europe and it is indeed a crustacean, like a lobster or a crab.
But, beware, there are crayfish and crayfish!
Some are small, others are large...some are red, some are brown, some are blue, and some of them are white... Some are endangered, others invasive... Some delight your taste buds; others are better covered in sauce!
Anyway, this is the crayfish and the animal is surprising in more than one way!
Let’s shine a spotlight on this crustacean who is so out of the ordinary!

Droits d'auteur: All rights reserved

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