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Bike Node PLANR
With our professional route planner you can create, publish and share advanced routes for sport, recreation, tourism or any purpose you want. The map is fully routable for complete Western Europe, but also in the rest of the world you can plan your route by digitising it on the map without routing support.

If you would have already a gpx-track available for the route you want to publish, then you could upload that track and edit and publish it with this route planner.

In addition, you can add places of interest, things to see or visit and pictures and texts to describe both the locations along the route as the route description itself.

And last but not least, you can publish and share your routes under your author and ownership and as part of your own thematic group with the RouteYou community.
Use the topographic map of Belgium & Netherlands, scale 1:10000, and plan your route along the smallest tracks and paths, paved or unpaved.

The map is fully routable and ideal for planning walking or hiking routes, mountainbike routes or off road tracks.

This planner is free to use! You can use the route planner as a cycle route planner, walking routeplanner or even motor route planner. Depending on the selected modus, the routeplanner calculates for you the most convenient and nicest route for cycling, walking or motorcycling.
Bike nodes have already been a concept for many years for the cyclist in the Low Countries. With the bike node planner on RouteYou, you can now plan your own routes over the bike node network.
The map is routable for the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders).

We also place interesting places, sights, pictures and route descriptions on it. You can print your route in several formats and download it to your GPS or smartphone.
  • Worldwide with routing support for Western Europe and the U.S.
  • Belgium & the Netherlands
  • The Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders)
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