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The Central Park Zoo happened by accident. It was not included in the original plans for the park, but was started when New Yorkers started leaving “gifts” of exotic animals in the park. The park found itself with a menagerie on its hands, including swans and bears. A couple of years later, the city decided to make it official. The New York State Assembly recognized the Central Park Zoo, making it the second publicly owned zoo in the country. (Philadelphia was first). The zoo has received two major overhauls. The first was in the 1930’s, when the zoo became the Robert Moses Zoo. During this renovation, the famous Sea Lion Pool was added. This pool was considered groundbreaking, because the designer actually studied the habits of sea lions and tried to make the pool resemble their natural habitat. The next renovation occurred in the 1980’s, when the old-fashioned menagerie cages were taken out and replaced with natural, open habitats. Many of the larger animals were moved to the Bronx Zoo. The Sea Lion Pool was redesigned and remains the center feature of the zoo. On the way out, make sure you check out the Delacorte Clock. The clock was donated by George Delacorte and features animals that move in a circle to nursery rhymes every half-hour. (The clock plays 44 different songs!)


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