Starrett-Leigh Building


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This block-long building was a warehouse and freight terminal that opened in 1932. Trains could be driven directly into a space on the ground floor of the building. This massive structure was a joint venture of Starrett real-estate ventures and the Lehigh Valley Railroad, and the building has 26 million cubic feet of space. Its lines and rounded edges make it a relatively graceful-looking building, particularly for a warehouse. It is beauty meets function. The lot that it is built on was also the site of the former Lehigh Valley Railroad freight terminal. The building hit hard times during the Great Depression. Starrett was bought out, and the Lehigh Valley Railroad held on until 1944, when they too disassociated themselves from the building. The rail tracks were removed in 1966, and the Helmsley real estate concern bought the building in 1998. Ownership has changed hands a few more times, but current tenants of the building include Martha Stewart Omnimedia and Tommy Hilfiger


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