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  1. Hiking route
    PT | Hiking route
    | 6.36 km | EN
    Provide sturdy shoes and a bottle of water for this easy flat walk amidst the salt plains of Cabanas de Tavira. Don't expect a beautiful nature walk (which it isn't), but if you have no rental car at hand at Cabanas and good feet, then this dirt road may provide a good shortcut for a visit to Tavira. Except for a few birds and storcks that are preparing their nests high up on the chimneys in Tavira this time of year (End of April), this region is not really a birdwatcher's paradise either. Tavira...
  2. Hiking route
    GR | Hiking route
    | 1.15 km | EN
    The hike to Profitis Ilias is one of the top things to do on Lemnos. From the top, you can see almost the whole island. This hike to Profitis Ilias, the 2nd highest mountain on the island starts here at the last farm on your way up. You can park your...
  3. Touring motorcycle route
    CN | Touring motorcycle route
    | 17.2 km | EN
    The Tianmen Mountain Road is one of the most spectacular roads in the world.
  4. Hiking route
    GR | Hiking route
    | 172 m | EN
    Just less than 200m of the main road between Horo and Milina you can find the fantastic cave of the mythological centaur. You can even descend into the cave. The cave has a collapsed roof, so you have a lot of light inside. The first few meters of the...
  5. Cycle route
    TH | Cycle route
    | 97.2 km | EN
    This 100+ Km bicycle track brings us from Nong Khai to Pak Khat. Still in Nong Khai we make a short stop at - what is called the Eight Wonder of the World, Sala Kaeo Ku. The track follows mainly Road No 212, running a couple of hundred meters from the...
  6. Recreational walking route
    FR | Recreational walking route
    | 14.3 km | EN
    This challenging three-hour walk let you climb two hills to give you a panoramic view of the radial structure of the beautiful area known as the Étang de Montady. You walk through the heart of the Étang de Montady and learn all about the history of this...

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And this is one of the many reasons why you should put the Great Trail on your todo-list.
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