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  1. Hiking route
    NL | Hiking route
    | 128 km | EN, NL, FR, DE

    This hiking classic is organized annually by wsvNOAD from Bocholtz. It is one of the most difficult routes in the Netherlands.

  2. City bike route
    BE | City bike route
    | 27.2 km | EN

    This cycle route through the south west of the region takes you from the city centre to the edge of Pajottenland and back again. Passing through Sint-Jans-Molenbeek you will head to the historic heart of Anderlecht and cycle along the Pede valley to the countryside in Neerpede. Discover the many contrasts, particularly in Anderlecht, and find out about cycling history in Brussels. Pedal past diverse traces of the city’s industrial and rural past, not to mention lots of waterways and green areas.

  3. Cycle route
    GB | Cycle route
    | 83.6 km | EN

    This is a big ride with lots of challenging hills. Hartside is the biggest, summiting at 1903 feet, but the undulations of the South Tyne valley and the minor roads between Haltwhistle and A689 offer some steep gradients and plunging descents to fill your lungs and test your grip on the brake levers. I started at Castle Carrock (Tottergill Farm) but Haltwhistle has a convenient railway station. YHA Alston is very good. So, Alston is England's highest town, Haltwhistle is historic and between the two the South Tyne river is beautiful. The A689 is not a busy road, though it is popular with motorcyclists on summer weekends. NCR68 is pretty good, but be prepared for short sections of poor surface after wet weather. A tough route, but magnificent scenery.

  4. Motorcycle route
    FR | Motorcycle route
    | 205 km | EN, FR

    - Col des Sagnes
    - Col des Garcinets
    - Col de Corobin
    - Col de Font Belle

  5. Walking route
    BE | Walking route
    | 12.1 km | EN

    Enjoy some Limburg fresh air in the Hoge Kempen National Park. It’s an excellent place for a hike or cycle ride. Here are three walks to choose from starting from the Mechelse Heide Gateway. 

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Grandmaster Thomas De Gendt recently gave 5 tips for "the lonely cyclist".
Number 1 states ' Mark a route in advance' because, and we quote, "You know where you will pass and you have goals along the way" .

He's right. After all, a route is only as good as what you encounter along the way. Not only the route but also the interesting places along the way contribute to the experience of a route.

At RouteYou we strongly believe in this ...

Did you know that you can have a route mapped out to specific locations? If you choose a 'nicest' routing tailored to your modus operandi, it can't go wrong.

Would you like to know how to do this?
Watch this video.

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