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  1. BE | Race cycle route
    | 109 km | NL

    -Jolyrodger road ride.

    Genk Boxbergheide- Diepenbeek- Schoonbeek- Bilzen- Rijkhoven- Membruggen- Genoelselderen- Millen- Roclenge sur Geer- Bassenge- Houtain St Simenon- Haccourt- Visé- Bombay- Warsage- Aubin- Warsage- 's GRAVENVOEREN- Moelingen- Lixhe- Lanaye- Eben Emael- Kanne- Vroenhoven- Veldwezelt- Gellik- Broek Zutendaal- Sledderlo- Genk Boxbergheide.

  2. BE | Walking route
    | 9.2 km | NL

    Bekijk de foto's van deze wandeling

    Mooie plaatselijke wandeling, volg de bewegwijzering rode driehoek.

    Wie houdt van een stevige wandeltocht kan vanaf Jachthaven De Meerpaal de rode route volgen. Deze leidt je langs de mooiste plekjes in Heuvelse Heide: door het naaldbos, langs de waterplas, langs het kanaal en de kleine wateringen.

    Meer info over deze wandeling

  3. NL | Motorcycle and car route
    | 64 km | NL

    Van/naar: start op de parallelwegt.h.v. Amersfoortseweg 104, 3941 EP Doorn, gemeente Utrechtse Heuvelrug, Nederland. Gratis parkeren.

    In elk jaargetijde een zeer mooie tocht voor automobilisten, motorrijders én fietsers langs 20 kastelen en ridderhofsteden -voornamelijk in particulier bezit- in het zuidoosten van de provincie Utrecht, waarvan de helft in het landelijke gebied van de Langbroekerwetering en de Kromme Rijnstreek ligt. U rijdt langs 'weelderige pronkstukken van macht en praal', die bij Bezienswaardigheden afzonderlijk beschreven worden:

    Maarten Maartenshuis, Huis Doorn* en kasteel Moersbergen in Doorn,

    kastelen Broekhuizen (met Michelin ster) en Zuylenstein (400 m vanaf de weg) in Leersum,

    kastelen Amerongen* en Natewisch (450 m vanaf de weg) in Amerongen,

    kasteel Duurstedein Wijk bij Duurstede,

    poortgebouw van Groenestein en de kastelen Sandenburg, Walenburg (150 m vanaf de weg), Lunenburg, Hindersteyn, Weerdesteyn (800 m vanaf de weg) in Langbroek,  

    kastelen Leeuwenburgh, Hardenbroek (250 m vanaf de N229) en Sterkenburg in Driebergen,

    kasteel Beverweert in Werkhoven,

    kasteel Wickenburgh in 't Goy en

    kasteel Rhijnestein in Cothen. 

    geopend voor publiek. Zie betreffende websites voor actuele informatie.

    ^ Restaurants en cafe's bevinden zich op 1700 meter van de startplaats in het centrum van Doorn.

    Recentste routecheck: 3 november 2020.

  4. BE | Recreational cycle route
    | 28.6 km | EN, NL, FR, DE

    A bike ride that takes you past the highlights of Antwerp and is just 26 kilometres long… Impossible! Admittedly, you won’t see all the sights of the city by the Scheldt during this tour. But thanks to the Velo Highlight Tour you can almost 40 of them off your list! This bike tour is tailor-made for Velo users. You’ll always find a Velo station near every point of interest. And you have plenty of time to see one or more sights from your bike during the free half hour. But we do encourage you to get off your bike here and there because you can also visit many of these sights. And there are plenty of tasty restaurants, cosy cafés, and nice shops to discover in the neighbourhood. We’ve shared some of our tips in the descriptions of the various sights and attractions.

    On a final note: we developed this tour at the end of August 2020. The coronavirus pandemic changes our lives on a daily basis. Certain aspects of this tour may therefore have slightly changed when you hit the road. Want to discover Antwerp the COVID-proof way? You can, with the Velo Highlight Tour.

    Don't have a Velo Annual Card? Buy your Day Pass now at www.velo-antwerpen.be.

    More information about how Velo works can be found here: https://www.velo-antwerpen.be/en/how-it-works


    1. Central Station

    One of the world’s most beautiful stations can be found in… Antwerp. Or so unbiased sources, like Newsweek and The Telegraph, inform us. We can’t think of a better place to start your trek through Antwerp. Before you hop on your bike, walk to the platforms under the impressive station canopy. Both domestic and international trains have been departing from this station for over a century. While you’re at it, check out the equally impressive station hall.

    By now you’re probably raring to go, but if you need a drink or a bite to eat before you leave, there are plenty of options to choose from. The shops on the ground floor, under the tracks, sell a wide range of snacks and drinks.

    1. City Park

    Get closer to the action at your second stop. Antwerp’s city park has gained legendary status in the world of skaters. The young and the less young perform all kinds of tricks on the spectacular obstacles on two, four or more wheels. 

    Peddle through the park on your Velo. Stadspark has a large playground and a café, the basics that will please people of all ages. It is also a great place for some fun people watching. Find a place to sit and watch the world walk by on the paths through the lush green park.

    1. Harmonie Park

    Now you hit one of the busier parts of the tour (although you’re always on a cycling path). Don’t worry, from here on it only gets calmer. The ride will take you to a little sister of Stadspark, called Harmonie Park. 

    Small, but nice sums this park up to a tee. Some of the highlights: the exceptionally large monument in honour of composer Peter Benoit and the sturdy benches. Antwerp’s district house will move in to the building on the edge of the park in 2021.

    1. De Koninck

    Say beer in Antwerp and the most obvious choice is a Bolleke. The iconic glass and beer have been experiencing a revival for some years now. The acquisition by the Duvel Moortgat brewery gave the brand and the place where it is brewed a new momentum. 

    You will not leave this place thirsty or hungry, no matter how hard you try. Meats, cheese, bread, chocolate, and ice cream, of the highest quality and prepared with love: check. Six pubs and restaurants if you don’t feel like cooking: also check. And of course, there’s also the interactive tour through the city brewery, with a tasting at the end.

    1. Provincial House

    Try not to taste all the De Koninck beers. Because it’s time to get back on a Velo for the rest of the tour. After a short drive through Albert Park you will end up at the foot of one of Antwerp’s most recent landmarks of Antwerp: the building of the Province of Antwerp. The Brussels architect Xaveer De Geyter created a striking welcome for anyone entering Antwerp from the south. The building’s 683 triangular windows and its dynamic shape immediately catch the eye. 

    If you want to see more greenery after the first three parks that you visited, you can take a walk through the garden around the building, where you can see a selection of artworks from the province’s collection.

    1. St. Laurentius’ Church

    In Markgravelei, you’ll cycle past one of the more eye-catching churches of Antwerp, called St. Laurentius’ Church. Some will argue that the comparison is slightly exaggerated, but the building, which is built in the neo-Byzantine style, is vaguely reminiscent of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. 

    There is plenty to see and do here. Thanks to Café Kamiel and Taverne De Grave on the opposite side of the street you won’t go hungry or thirsty. Hof van Leysen is a charming neighbourhood park. Around the corner you'll find FX de Beukelaer, the distillery where the refined Elixir d'Anvers is created.

    1. Vlinderpaleis

    The Vlinderpaleis or Butterfly Palace is proof that an administrative building doesn’t always have to look like grey, monotonous concrete monoliths. The leading British architect Richard Rogers designed Antwerp’s law courts in 2006. The building’s name is inspired by the remarkable wings on the roof.

    The pubs and restaurants in Bolivarplaats, where the Vlinderpaleis is situated, may make you wonder whether you should stop to eat here. Fries, sushi, Greek food: it’s all there. Café Boekowski is a fun place for a drink. And the rows of books against the wall are a great excuse to stick around a little longer, while you browse them for a good book.

    1. FOMU

    Including all of Antwerp’s leading museums in this tour is impossible. But we think you should stop at a few of them. The first is FOMU, the photography museum. Buy your ticket in advance if you would like to visit it. The museum has introduced quota to spread the visitors safely throughout the day due to COVID-19.

    In addition to works from its own collection, the FOMU regularly organises temporary exhibitions. 

    1. M HKA

    Just up the road is another excellent museum, the M HKA. Antwerp’s very own MoMA of the city. The museum has an amazing collection of 4,750 works of art. Don't forget to book your ticket in advance if you want to visit the M HKA. Need to stock up on some food or drink? Then make your choice from the many options in Waalse or Vlaamse Kaai. These two streets used to actually be quays around the southern docks, which have since been filled in.

    If you still have some time, walk or cycle to the Scheldt. The quays were recently revamped and the result is definitely worth seeing. The transition between the city and the Scheldt has become a lot smoother. 

    1. Kloosterstraat

    You can easily transport a bag on a Velo. But cycling up Kloosterstraat may be a bit of a headache, storage-wise. That is if you decide to you stop off here and browse the vintage and antiques shops. Remember, you still have plenty of miles to cover! Perhaps you can convince the nice trader where you purchased some items to deliver them to your home?

    You can find plenty of new additions for your wardrobe or interior here. And because many of the stuff is vintage, chances are you'll bag something truly unique. Passing through on a Sunday? No worries, the shops are open.

    1. Pedestrian tunnel

    One of the most iconic places in Antwerp is hidden, 35 metres underground. The Pedestrian Tunnel or Sint-Anna Tunnel has connected the left and right banks of the Scheldt since 1933. While this tour does include the left bank, do check out the tunnel anyway.

    The wooden escalators have been in operation since the tunnel opened. Even blindfolded, locals will recognise the specific sound and smell of the tunnel. Underground, a 572-metre long tunnel shaft looms up ahead of you. Many photographers and other artists have already been inspired by the tunnel’s almost hypnotic effect. A great idea for an Instagram post, don’t you think?

    1. Kammenstraat

    There are streets that exude fashion and Kammenstraat is definitely one of them. Here you’ll find famous brands, exclusive items, and second-hand gems all in one place. It’s also a great place to change your look from top to bottom. Jewellery, shoes, leather goods, piercings, and tattoos: Kammenstraat has all this and more.

    1. Den Botaniek

    Antwerp likes to highlight how atypical it is and rightly so. Take Den Botaniek for example. You wouldn’t expect to find a botanical garden in the middle of the city, would you? And yet, in Antwerp 2,000 different plant species grow in a dreamy setting in the city centre. It’s also a good place to spot the locals by the way, who love the peace and quiet of this garden.

    Antwerp’s botanical garden is situated next to St. Elisabeth Hospital, and there is a specific reason for this. In the 16th century, the pharmacist Peter van Coudenberghe laid the foundation of this herb and plant garden, using the medicinal plants to prepare medicines. 

    1. Theaterplein

    Are you passing through this largeish square on a weekday? Then you’ll spot shoppers coming from the Meir, skaters under the impressive canopy and perhaps even a lost rooster. The latter may have escaped during the Sunday Vogelenmarkt. The bird market is the main attraction of this market. You’ll find chickens and other feathered animals, in addition to a wide range of other stalls at this market. On Saturdays, the market sells food and beverages from all corners of the world.

    But the one thing that is a constant on weekdays and the weekend? The many cafés, pubs, and restaurants around the square, with their cosy terraces.

    1. Rubens House

    Antwerp is Rubens and Rubens is Antwerp. The master painter left his mark on the city, and on his city palace along Wapper. This is where he lived with his family and where he produced his impressive body of work. 

    You can see various works by Rubens here, in addition to work by that other Antwerp luminary Antoon van Dyck. The buildings also bear Rubens's signature because he shaped their appearance after several in-depth renovations.

    Just like in other museums, you must book a ticket in advance for a specific time slot. The advantage is that you can then enjoy the Rubens House safely, with a limited number of visitors.

    1. Meir

    The Meir is an immensely popular street in Monopoly, but it is also one of Belgium’s most popular shopping streets. People like to stock up on new additions to wardrobe here, and it’s easy to see why: the range of shops is downright impressive. 

    Don’t forget to check out the Stadsfeestzaal shopping years. Many generations of Antwerp locals danced the night away here in this former festival hall. The historic hall has since been given a second lease of life as a backdrop for shops and restaurants. It is also a nice place to take a break during your bargain or other clothing hunt.

    1. St. Charles Borromeo Church

    After the fun hustle and bustle of Meir, head to tranquil Hendrik Conscienceplein. It almost feels as if you’re sitting in an Italian square! St. Charles Borromeo Church is a reminder, however, that you’re still in Antwerp. This Antwerp attraction is quite unique. This Baroque gem was built by the Jesuits between 1615 and 1621. Rubens also left his mark on the façade and the tower.

    The church is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 measures. You can, however, sit back and enjoy the square on one of the many terraces or on the benches around the fountain. From there you can admire the church’s magnificent façade. Another tip: St. Charles Borromeo Church has another side. Turn the corner and you will immediately spot the church tower.

    1. Cathedral

    La Esterella, De Strangers, Tourist LeMC: they have all sung the praises of the spire of the Cathedral of Our Lady. The 123-metre tall tower watches over the city. When the locals need to orient themselves, they always do so in relation to the cathedral. 

    The Cathedral of Our Lady was completed in 1521, 169 (!) years after the foundation stone was laid. Today it is the largest Gothic church building in the Low Countries. Inside, a hallowed interior and four works by Rubens await. In the former St. John’s Chapel, there now is a bistro called De Plek. Can you think of a more unique location for a drink or a bite to eat?

    The cathedral is temporarily closed because of the COVID-19 measures. But you can still admire the impressive exterior of this Antwerp icon day and night.

    1. Grote Markt and town hall

    Grote Markt is a regular stop for tourists who visit Antwerp. The eye-catcher in this square is the city’s town hall, of course, but there are plenty of other beautiful buildings to see here too. The beautiful façades of the guild houses and the Brabo fountain combine to create a very attractive setting.

    Construction on the town hall started in 1561. The Renaissance-style building was completed four years later. After a huge fire in 1576, only the walls were still standing. But the people of Antwerp were not deterred. It took a while to rebuilt. Currently the building is also surrounded by scaffolding. But soon it will shine like never before. Enjoy the view with a Bolleke on the terrace of Den Engel or one of the many other cafés in Grote Markt.

    1. DIVA

    Antwerp is the diamond capital of the world. And at DIVA, Home of Antwerp Diamonds, this sparkling stone takes price of place. But the museum also puts jewellery and silver in the spotlight. This is one of the city’s most recent museums. It opened in 2018. The museum’s location was chosen for a reason. Gold and silversmiths used to have their workshops here many centuries ago.

    The street where the entrance to DIVA is situated, called Suikerrui, has even more to offer, however. There are plenty of places to eat or have a drink here, and in Oude Koornmarkt, the extension of Suikerrui. Right next to DIVA you can also go on an underground adventure through the former canals and sewers of Antwerp. 

    1. Het Steen/Steen Castle

    The oldest building in Antwerp marks the border between the city and its river. The first stones date back to the 11th century. Het Steen was a gatehouse of the medieval fortress of Antwerp. 

    And soon it will become a real gateway to Antwerp again when the tourist office moves in. Tourists who visit Antwerp with a sea or river cruise will enter the city here, walking into the building via a new pontoon. Here they will also discover the history of Antwerp and Het Steen thanks to an interactive experience trail. Definitely for other visitors too. And even the locals will perhaps find out something new about their city here. 

    1. Saint Paul's Church

    There is no shortage of monumental churches in Antwerp. While the cathedral and St. Charles Borromeo Church are probably the best-known ones, there are plenty more. Take St. Paul’s Church, for example. This church is neatly tucked away among the neighbourhood’s houses, only revealing its secrets when you step across its threshold. The church’s collection of more than fifty paintings by masters such as Rubens, van Dyck and Jordaens is the envy of any museum. Also unique: the Calvary, a garden where more than sixty life-size statues depict the crucifixion of Christ.

    Currently the church doors is closed for visitors. Because of COVID-19, as you may have guessed. If this is still the case when you pass through here, come back another time to see all this beauty. In the meantime, you can admire the façade on Nosestraat.

    1. MAS

    The MAS opened less than ten years ago but it is already an absolute classic in Antwerp. Permanent and temporary exhibitions offer a unique view of Antwerp and its centuries-long contacts with the world. Along with the impressive façade, this is definitely a reason to visit the MAS. 

    And then there is the 10th floor. You won’t forget your visit to the rooftop terrace of the MAS for quite a while. The 360-degree views of Antwerp, the Scheldt and the port are simply unrivalled. This is a must see, take our word for it. 

    1. Marina

    Although talk show host Gert Verhulst has since left with his vessel, there is still plenty of boat spotting to do in Antwerp’s marina. The docks and the impressive MAS are a sight to behold. The marina is also in a great location, between the old city and the Eilandje neighbourhood, which is increasingly turning into a nice residential and nightlife district.

    Do you have the time? The park your Velo in one of the six stations around the dock and walk along the quay. Can you feel that holiday vibe? There are plenty of places in the neighbourhood, for a drink, an ice-cream or something more filling. Check out the northern side of Willem Dock and Bonaparte Dock. On the southern side of the dock, you’ll find the Sint-Felix warehouse. These days it’s no longer used as a warehouse for coffee, grain, cheese, and tobacco. It is now home to 30 kilometres of archives.

    1. Red Star Line Museum

    For many people, Antwerp once was the last stop before North America. Two million people crossed the ocean with the Red Star Line steamships in hopes of a new and better future in America or Canada. Nowadays, millions of people are still looking for a new home. Past and present merge in the exhibition in the Red Star Line Museum.

    Love is perhaps the most beautiful of the many reasons for migrating. The temporary exhibition ‘Destination Sweetheart’ opened on 20 September. Letters, testimonials, and personal belongings tell stories that can be both heart-warming and confronting.

    1. Droogdokkenpark

    Locals and tourists alike flock to the banks of the Scheldt. In the bend of the Scheldt you will find the Droogdokkenpark, one of the newer parks in Antwerp. The green park is the main attraction of the Dry Docks Island, named after the docks, where ships were previously restored.

    The first section of the park has already been completed: the Belvedère. From this hexagonal vantage point you have a wonderful view of the city as well as Linkeroever/the Left Bank and the port. It’s also a great place to understand all the different aspects of Antwerp. Enough gazing for now? Then whizz down the slope from the Belvedère with your Velo.

    1. Port House

    Combining historical and contemporary architecture can yield some interesting results. The Port House is a good example of this fusion. Zaha Hadid Architects built a sophisticated piece of architecture on top of a listed fire station. The contemporary building has the shape of a diamond and is therefore inextricably linked to Antwerp.

    Head to the square in front of the Port House where you can experience the full effect of this architectural feat. Then turn around, to see the water of the vast Kattendijk Dock shimmer in front of you. In the distance you can see other Antwerp icons such as the MAS and the Boerentoren.

    En route, you will pass the Mexico bridges, which are quite special because of the combination of steel and wood. Don’t forget to look to your left here at the houseboats in Hout Dock. Water living at its best!

    1. Indiëstraat

    Het Eilandje neighbourhood is booming. Something seems to be changing here on an almost daily basis. It’s easy to see why so many creative entrepreneurs call this neighbourhood home. Take the Antwerp Brewing Company for instance. In 2012, they launched their Seefbier, based on a long-lost recipe from the Seefhoek district.

    The headquarters of this Antwerp brewery are in Indiëstraat. They also brew their beer here, which you can taste in their biergarten. The menu also includes a wide range of snacks and sturdier fare. Need some reinforcements to complete the last part of the tour? Then hit your brakes here.

    1. Parkbrug

    Sometimes a bridge is an attraction in itself. Take Parkbrug or the Park Bridge, which connects Het Eilandje with Spoor Noord since 2016. If you come from Het Eilandje, you can take the lift or use the VeloComfort. This conveyor belt pushes your bicycle upwards. Attention: squeeze the brake or your bike will roll down.

    The bridge itself is defined by the openings in its walls. The light and shadow effects change as you make your way across the bridge. At the other end, a nice descent awaits. Take your feet off the pedals!

    1. Park Spoor Noord

    It’s almost inconceivable that this once used be a no man's land. Today Park Spoor Noord is one of the most popular attractions in this area. Because let's face it, a 24-hectare park that is just a stone's throw from Grote Markt is quite unique, no? Three buildings and two water towers are distant memories of the time when this was a large railway marshalling yard.

    Take a look at the other visitors and you will soon realise that this park has plenty of activities to offer. Over there in the meadow they are playing a game of cricket. A couple is sunbathing in the grass elsewhere. Bar Noord's convenient and cosy terrace is open from the beginning of April to mid-October. Enjoy a drink or a pizza, while you keep an eye on your kids in the playground or the famous water feature.

    1. IJzerlaan

    Water gives life to a city! The Scheldt runs through Antwerp like a blue artery, but there is also plenty of water elsewhere in the city. A new water feature was created in 2018 in IJzerlaan. The canal runs from Asia Dock to Lobroek Dock. The lovely quays are a great place to unwind.

    IJzerlaan is located in the heart of the Antwerp Dam neighbourhood, which is quite small but remarkably diverse. Former industrial buildings, housing, the slaughterhouse site, and businesses all manage to co-exist harmoniously in this tiny pocket of the city. And then there are the cafés, snack bars and restaurants in Dam Square and elsewhere in this unique neighbourhood.

    1. Spoor Oost

    Near Spoor Noord you'll also find… Spoor Oost. This 10.8-hectare expanse of land is less known but is also worth a visit. In fact, if you’re into industrial archaeology, you should definitely go. Enormous railway cranes shape the appearance of this former railway site,

    which also has picnic benches, playgrounds, and sports areas, including basketball courts and football pitches, tennis courts and a cycling course. Since 2015, Spoor Oost has also been home to one of the country’s biggest fun fairs. Have you ever tasted karakollen or lacquemants? Then you’ll have to visit again, to go to the annual Sinksenfoor.

    1. Kruger Park

    Kruger Park is world-famous in Borgerhout and the surrounding area although most people call it Krugerplein.

    This green oasis is popular with playing children, young adults who like to chill here with friends and adults who come here for a walk. It’s also a good place for a freshly-tapped beer (Bar Leon!), an even fresher ice cream (Borgo Gelato!) or a tasty pack of chips (Frituur Sam!). If you like cyclocross, then the annual KrugerKross is the event for you. 

    1. De Roma

    In 2003, something special happened in Turnhoutsebaan where the doors of the former Cinema Roma reopened to the public. Hundreds of volunteers put in countless hours of work to renovate this majestic cinema. The entire operation was only completed in 2015. Today De Roma still screens films. But it also hosts concerts and socio-cultural activities. 

    Unfortunately, the doors of De Roma will remain closed in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, café-restaurant AMOR is still open.

    1. Moorkensplein

    Borgerhout’s district house is centrally located in Moorkensplein. You can’t miss it because the imposing building from 1886-1889 with turrets looms up above the square. Moorkensplein was recently given a makeover and is a great place to relax, also because there are plenty of cafés and pubs in the square. Take a walk around and make a choice. 

    And while you’re at it, walk up Eliaertsstraat to Turnhoutsebaan. You'll find yourself in a very busy part of Borgerhout with a wide range of food and other shops. Here you can also see the remarkable architecture of the sustainable Mundo A office building and the EcoHuis behind it, the place to go for information about sustainable living.

    1. Van Wesenbekestraat

    In Van Wesenbekestraat Asia feels just a hop, skip and a jump away. Two statues of lions welcome you at the top of the street, a hint of what’s to come as you walk past a succession of restaurants and shops which mainly sell Chinese specialties. The link with China is highlighted by the Chinese pagoda gate on the side of Central Station. The gate was actually made in China and then shipped to Antwerp.

    Don’t forget to check out the Criée. If you love good food, then this covered market is the place to go.

    Attention: the combination of cobblestones and tram tracks can make Van Wesenbekestraat a bit more challenging for cyclists. The pavements are quite narrow and can be quite busy. Drop off your Velo in one of the nearby stations.

    1. Chocolate Nation

    How about another tasty treat? Visit Chocolate Nation, the largest chocolate museum in Belgium, where you can learn more about the story of one of Belgium’s best-known specialties. Chocolate fuels the imagination, as you can tell by the unique design of this museum.

    Feel like a sweet reward now that you have almost completed this Highlight tour? Pop into the Chocolate Nation shop. There is no better way to replenish your glucose levels than with a piece of chocolate.

    1. ZOO

    The tour ends in beauty with the ZOO, an Antwerp monument that has been here 1843. Many of the buildings in the ZOO date from the 19th century, like the majestic Egyptian Temple, for example. But time has not stood still here. The animal enclosures are constantly being adapted to contemporary expectations in terms of animal welfare and the visitor experience.

    The beautiful buildings and enchanting gardens of the ZOO are an absolute must-see. But the real stars here are the animals, of course. There are 5,000 in all, or 950 different species. Pick up a free map so you don’t miss out on any of the crawling, running, flying, or swimming creatures.

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, visitors must make a reservation, unless they are ZOO pass holders. Also handy: the Zoo website has a barometer which indicates how busy it is.

  5. NL | Walking route
    | 15.6 km | NL

    Dit is de eerste lus om de prachtige route van de Dutch Mountain Trail te lopen in fases. Er zullen maar weinigen zijn die de route in zijn geheel aan eenstuk lopen. Daarom heb ik lussen gemaakt zodat je altijd weer bij hetvertrekpunt terugkomt. Het eerste deel is meestal nagenoeg gelijk aan de afgeleide route. De terugweg is door mij zelf ontworpen en mag er ook zijn wat betreft natuurschoon. Deze lus heb ik wat aangepast en gaat tot boven op de top van de Wilhelminaberg. Dit omdat het een bijzondere berg en klim is. Niet iets voor de ongeoefende!! Een uitdaging voor de personen met wat grootspraak

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