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View of the castle Beusdael.
The castle is located on a converted terrain and consists of a donjon, with an L-shaped wing attached to it. At the northern end there is a chapel. On the southwest corner is a tower and there is also a small tower located on the courtyard. To the east of the courtyard there is a gate building with a bridge over the moat.

The walls of the donjon are two metres thick and are made of limestone. The donjon has a vaulted room on the first floor. The donjon has a tower on the four corners. In the rush hour there is a bell tower.
It is said that a wooden donjon of the castle dates back to the time of Charlemagne and that a stone donjon from the 12/13th century was built here later.

In 1323 a certain Johan, called Schevart van Oys (Eys), who owns the estate, was reported. In 1334 there were reports of Herman van Abousdayl, married to Catherine N.; Herman inherited from his grandfather Gerard Goedenrath in Eys. Johan was a son of Gerard van Eys from the genus of Mulrepais (Rimburg). With Oys here is meant the present Eys and not the d'Oost near Eysden. Mulrepais was a relative of the Duke of Limburg. Gerard van Mulrepais, the son of Micharios van Mulrepais, was the legatee of Goodrath from 1367 onwards. The latter was the lord of Rimburg and guardian of Eys. It is possible that Micharius had been married to Eys' legacy daughter, as a result of which he had obtained Eys' guardianship.[1][2]

In 1367 Herman van den Beusdal is mentioned with his daughter Elisabeth de Beusdael and she marries Jean Hoen - Cartils (near Wittem) son of Hendricus as heir and becomes the new Lord of gut Buysdael. A neighbourly marriage. Jean I wore the coat of arms of the Cartils family near Wittem, the golden cross on a red field.

Later, in 1875, the castle was inherited by Count Florent Ferd. J.L. d'Oultremont. In 1882 he had important changes made to the castle: a chapel was built, in the courtyard there was a small round tower, over the canals a bridge and gate building, and various other works.

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