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Watchtower Duck Fountain

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Author: Willem Vandenameele

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Source: Willem Vandenameele

Source: Willem Vandenameele

The Flemish state authority has provided two viewpoints at Aanwijsputten in Beernem.

The Aanwijsputten is an endangered natural area that is not open to the public . In two opposite viewing areas, hikers and nature lovers can enjoy a wonderful view of the lakes and the unique nature. While the lookout tower offers a view from 10 meters up, the observation room is slightly off the ground on a gentle slope. It is therefore easily accessible for wheelchair users and prams. This way everyone can enjoy this beautiful piece of nature with respect for the tranquility.

The nature reserve De Aanwijsputten managed by Natuur en Bos consists of a series of water features in the middle of the Bulskampveld landscape park. They are also known as "duck pits". There are many rare plants that are typical of wet heaths, such as B. Round Thrush and Swamp Moss . Due to the fragility of this vegetation, the area is not open to the public.

The Pointer Wells are part of the European Natura 2000 network . They are European habitats for plants and animals that need to be protected to strengthen biodiversity. Six of these European protected habitats are located in Aanwijsputten. The most important are the heaths, the oak-beech forest, the wet and dry heaths and the rough pastures. As part of the Biscopveld nature development project , the Flemish Land Authority carried out construction work in and around Aanwijsputten in 2013-2014 so that nature can be better developed in the future.

Viewpoints directly opposite

The observation room can be reached via a gentle slope in the birch forest . It takes you to the viewpoint just above ground level. In the tower , just in front of the viewpoint, a spiral staircase leads to a panoramic view 10 meters above the ground. You will see a variety of vegetation types that intertwine: ponds with dykes, alluvial forest, birch-beech forest, heather, coniferous forest and a wide forest edge. Here you can see many different birds: White Hole, Lesser Napkin, Teal, Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker, Tree Pipit, Broncodile, …

The Aanwijsputten, a series of water features and dykes, were created by quarrying fieldstone in the 19th century and sand quarrying in the 20th century . During World War I, the Germans built ammunition depots there. In the beech grove, the sculpture of a German soldier is reminiscent of this wartime past. The sculpture is visible from the spiral staircase of the watchtower .


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