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  1. Cycle route
    DE | Cycle route
    | 56.1 km | EN
    Tour de france 2017 etappe 1 finisch
  2. Recreational cycle route
    DE | Recreational cycle route
    | 36 km | EN
    This Düsseldorf Rhine route takes you south of the town and back. It crosses the river by ferry, so make sure you check the services of the ferry. You can always go up to the point of the ferry and come...
  3. Hiking route
    DE | Hiking route
    | 178 km | EN
    Pilgrimroute for walking between Horb am Neckar and Waldshut. The following cities are on the route: Horb am Neckar, Rottweil, Donaueschingen, Waldshut
  4. Recreational walking route
    DE | Recreational walking route
    | 5.22 km | EN
    The famous scientist Alexander von Humboldt studied mining at the Bergakademie Freiberg in 1791/179. So he must have walked many of the paths you will follow during this walk through Freiberg. Read more...
  5. Recreational walking route
    DE | Recreational walking route
    | 8.39 km | EN, DE
    Let's talk about culture. Now and then it has to be that way. Or not. Start from the parking lot near the fire department. First through a residential area with some beautiful houses, past a commercial...

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Today (November 15) is the anniversary of the death of the scientist Johannes Kepler. A good time to plan your city trip to Regensburg and visit the Kepler monument.

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