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  1. MTB route
    DE | MTB route
    | 171 km | EN
    Pilgrimroute for mountainbikes between Horb am Neckar and Waldshut. The following cities are on the route: Horb am Neckar, Rottweil, Donaueschingen, Waldshut
  2. Recreational walking route
    DE | Recreational walking route
    | 15.4 km | EN
    This 3 hour walk starting and ending at the Missionsmuseum allows you to discover the great surroundings of the Mission Museum. Combine your visit to the museum with a hike.
  3. Cycle route
    DE | Cycle route
    | 56.1 km | EN
    Tour de france 2017 etappe 1 finisch
  4. Walking route
    DE | Walking route
    | 4.32 km | EN
    This route will let you enjoy nature. Enjoy the calmth of unpaved roads along this route. You won't die of boredom along this route.
  5. Recreational cycle route
    DE | Recreational cycle route
    | 35.9 km | EN, NL, FR, DE
    You'll discover some nice cycling tracks in Kavelstorf. Enjoy! No adventurous tracks along this route. This route goes along paved roads. Remember to enjoy the peace and quiet along with the water. A great...

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