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  1. DE | Walking route
    | 10.1 km | EN
    The walking route starts at the car park.
    The largest part of this walking route goes through Bavarian Forest. This tour coincides with a GR trail. You won't die of boredom along this route.
  2. DE | Walking route
    | 11.1 km | EN, NL

    This walk brings from the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven to a monument for him along the Rhine. This walk is not really a historical walk about the life of Ludwig van Beethoven in Bonn, but rather a walk (or run) to get a breath of fresh air along the Rhine if you have too much of the city air.

  3. DE | Recreational cycle route
    | 128 km | EN, NL, DE

    This tough cycle route along the beautiful valley of the Lenne is a pearl. If you are not such an experienced cyclist, take at least two days for this tour. You also have to go back!


  4. DE | Walking route
    | 15.4 km | EN

    Nice route trough forest, countryside and small towns. You can see the 'Dragon Teeth of The Siegfried Linie', (Westwall). A German defensive line built in the 1930s. And also the Vennbahn, a former railway line on German/Belgian territory.

    The route is easy to follow, description is very clear. With rainy or wet weather use decent boots, for the soil in the forest might me muddy.

  5. DE | Recreational cycle route
    | 81.8 km | EN, NL, DE

    Discover cycling junctions east of Oldersum.

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