Plaza de la Magdalena - Seville

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This is an old name, probably dating from the time when the primitive church of La Magdalena was built (13th-14th century).

Over the course of its history, the square has changed names seven times.

In the second half of the 15th century it was called Plaza de la Iglesia . In 1866 it was named Plaza del Pacífico (Square of the Pacific) because of the campaign conducted by the Spanish squadron in those waters. From 1928 to 1931 it was Plaza del Cristo del Calvario , an image venerated in the nearby Church of La Magdalena, and was renamed Plaza del Pacífico. In 1936 it was named Plaza del General Franco, returning in 1980 to the current name that had stuck in popular speech.

Already in Olavide's plan (18th century) the existence of a church can be seen and where a fountain was installed that was fed with water from the Caños de Carmona (outlets of Carmona). Under the government of Joseph Bonaparte, it was decided to take advantage of this configuration to create a modern public square by demolishing the church.

The building on the corner with Calle San Pablo that was built in 1938 is one of the first examples of Sevillian rationalism , colloquially known at that time as "cabo persianas".

The current landscape of the square, around the fountain, is quite plain and would suggest that it is more of a tree-lined square than a landscaped square. A pair of symmetrically distributed modern cast-iron benches complete the simple composition of this square, which is bordered on the north by the square dedicated to Josefa Reina Puerto.

The central white marble fountain , built with pieces from ancient fountains , is particularly notable. With a polygonal base, in the center there is a stem of two bodies staggered in a decreasing octagonal shape, on which we can see the date of construction (1844), royal crowns and the NO&DO between laurel wreaths. The cylindrical shaft, decorated with mythological figures from the water, supports a cup with four spouts on which stands the figure of a woman, identified by some with the muse Calliope.


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