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North Pole

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Geodetic Point
Location type: Geodetic Point
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Made by Dromos | Reference Wikipedia
Made by Dromos | Reference NewScientist, 21 December 2013, p.12

The North Pole is moving as a result of the melting of glaciers and ice sheets. Since observations began in 1899, the North Pole has been heading southwards 10 centimeters per year along longitude 70┬░ west. This is due to the thaw following the last ice age: the melting of the glaciers lets the crust rebound, redistributing Earth’s mass and leading to subtle changes in its axis of rotation. But recent effects of global warming started to kick in, as Jianli Chen of the University of Texas at Austin showed. Since 2005, the pole suddenly began moving eastwards by 1.2 metres to date. This was established using the data of the GRACE satellite which measures changes in Earth’s gravity field.

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Made by Dromos
Made by Dromos

The “scientific” cartographer Gerardus Mercator mapped the North Pole based on myths in 1595. At the exact spot of the North Pole was a black rock surrounded by a sea. That sea was filled by four rivers, draining the surrounding oceans.

He told his friend and advsior of Queen Elisbath I, John Dee, that the area was inhabited by 4 feet tall people orginally coming from Britain. As a result, John Dee informed the Queen of England that they should claim areas in this part of the world. John Dee would discuss these claims with another friend and explorer: Sir Walter Ralleigh. 

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