Tips to prepare your staycation: child-friendly routes and places

17 June 2020, 22:00

Author: RouteYou

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Source: Westtoer

Are you also still unsure which direction your holiday is headed? Would you like to plan a trip in your own country? Good idea, because there are more than enough fantastic things to discover. We will regularly give tips to prepare your staycation :

Find child-friendly routes and places

Under the motto "happy kids, happy parents" we would like to explain how you can find child-friendly places and routes on RouteYou. On this features page you will find more than 1000 child-friendly places and 100 000 routes suitable for children. You can also find those child-friendly routes via the main menu "Search routes , and then select the option Child-friendly via More options > Features . Ditto for child-friendly places of interest. In this case select "Search places of interest" in the main menu, and also select Child-friendly via More options > Features .

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