10 striking trends at Eurobike

17 July 2022, 22:00

Author: RouteYou

Public | Dutch

Source: Over fietsen op sneeuw wordt ook nagedacht

This weekend Eurobike took place in Frankfurt, the Valhalla for bike builders and anyone who loves bikes. RouteYou was also there and we observed the following trends (which sometimes have been going on for a while).

  1. It is hard to find a bike without a battery
  2. More and more, bicycles are permanently connected to the web via built-in GPS sensor, SIM card and/or SMS chip
  3. More attention is rightly being paid to women on bicycles
  4. Bicycles and accompanying gadgets are becoming essential in the transport challenges
  5. Everything will return someday
  6. Bicycles are made for the most extreme conditions
  7. Cycling on snow is also being considered
  8. Multiple sprocket blades in the front are avoided by a mega sprocket in the rear
  9. Gravel bikes seem like they are here to stay
  10. The difference between motorcycle and bicycle becomes sometimes very vague

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