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Dudok Bicycletour - Cycle route

Dudok Bicycletour
Welcome in Hilversum! This bike route, marked for the majority with hexagonal ‘ANWB’ signs, is 17 km long. Although this route follows the hexagonal signs for the biggest part, attention is also given to...

Dutch Water Cycle Tour - Cycle route

Dutch Water Cycle Tour
This Cycle Tour follows bicycle hubs network from Muiden - Weesp - Amsterdam via: 16 – 44 – 43 – 65 – 58 – 56 – 5 Start: Muiden End: Amsterdam Visit the official site for all...

Dan Beginning Half - Motorcycle route

Dan Beginning Half
Route to start guido's route


Places selected for you

St Bride's Church - Church

St Bride's Church
Photo source: wikipedia
St Bride's Church was used as inspiration by a local baker for the design of a wedding cake. It is still a very popular design for weddding cakes. The church was badly bombed in World War II. But that...

Author: Dromos

Great St.Bernard Pass - Mountain Pass

Great St.Bernard Pass
Photo source: Rama
In 1800, Napoleon's army used the pass to enter Italy, an event depicted in Jacques-Louis David's Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass and Hippolyte Delaroche's Bonaparte Crossing the Alps, both notable oil...

Author: Dromos

Kefalonia - Island

The Massacre of the Acqui Division or the Cephalonia Massacre took place on this island during World War II. It was one of the largest prisoner of war massacres of the war. It was the mass execution of the...

Author: Dromos


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