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  1. Recreational walking route
    | Recreational walking route
    | 7.35 km | EN
    Walk connecting the two historical sites Knoth and Newgrange, also UNESCO Wolrd Heritage.
  2. Canoe/kayak route
    | Canoe/kayak route
    | 29.9 km | EN
    This kayak track is the third kayak track of the Lopburi River descent and part of the Lopburi River Kayak Route set up by Ayutthaya kayaking Experience [AKE] aiming to paddle the full stretch of this river from its source - the split-off from the Chao...
  3. Cycle route
    | Cycle route
    | 66.5 km | EN
    This bicycle tour has been designed for a 70 km ride from Ayutthaya to the mouth of the Noi River in Bang Sai and back. Main Point of Interest is Wat Yi Pa, a monastery dating from the Ayutthaya era (prior 1767) and indicated on the map named "Groote...
  4. Canoe/kayak route
    | Canoe/kayak route
    | 34.7 km | EN
    The Vartaja is a 64 km long right bank tributary of the Barta River; it starts at Sepene Lake. The final 29 km of the river, beginning from Virga, is suitable for paddling; here the valley of the river is relatively large compared to the size of the river...
  5. City bike route
    | City bike route
    | 48 km | EN
    This is the west-east version of the Great Western Greenway, in the West of Ireland is the longest off-road walking and cycling trail in Ireland. The Great Western Greenway is a traffic free cycling and walking trail which follows the route of the renowned...
  6. Recreational cycle route
    | Recreational cycle route
    | 109 km | EN
    This bicycle tour has been designed to bring you from Bang Phutsa to Ayutthaya along the banks of the Lopburi River. The track is mainly used as a reconnaissance for the Lopburi River kayak descent and crosses many times bridges over the Lopburi River...

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