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  1. Cycle route
    | Cycle route
    | 10.3 km | EN
    This bicycle tour has been designed to introduce some of the most important historical sites and foreign settlements in the southeastern rim of Ayutthaya’s city island. The tour will take 3 to 4 hours depending on the time spent at each location point. A few highlights on this itinerary have been listed more for the sake of smoother navigation and referencing, although they may also appeal to many bicyclists as points of interest. Therefore, individual cyclists can choose where to stop according...
  2. Cycle route
    | Cycle route
    | 104 km | EN
    This 100+Km bicycle track brings you from Nam Yun in Ubon Rachathani Province to Khun Han in Si Sa Ket Province over Nam Khun (Ubon) and Kantharalak (Si Sa Ket) Districts. This track is part of the Tour de Ubon and will take about 5 to 6 hours depending...
  3. Recreational cycle route
    | Recreational cycle route
    | 8.48 km | EN
    This short recreational bicycle route takes you to the bridge connected to the legend of the Pope Lick Monster. It follows the Louisville Loop. You can park the car at the Beckley Creek Park top start your route.
  4. Walking route
    | Walking route
    | 2.79 km | EN
    This short route in Nice is a good 'appetizer' to explore Nice and especially the coast dike, the old city and the green Promenade du Paillon. Enjoy the blue scenic sea views, the cozy small streets in the old city and the childfriendly green playground...
  5. Cycle route
    | Cycle route
    | 60 km | EN
    This bicycle tour has been designed to bring you from Ayutthaya to Chao Pluk and the Point of Interest called Tamnak Chao Pluk or Wat Na Wua. The latter was built in the reign of King Narai and located on the right bank of the Lopburi River. The site...
  6. Recreational walking route
    | Recreational walking route
    | 9.08 km | EN
    This walk takes you to the green areas of Hampstead Heath and the Highgate Cemetery. But Highgate Cemetery has also a peculiar story to tell. The walks starts and ends at the railway station of Hampstead Head.

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