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GARMIN tracks via plug & play on your GPS

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10 August 2009
Also available in: Dutch French

You can now connect your GARMIN GPS to you computer (*) to get an automatic download to your GPS. now detects the type of GARMIN GPS you use and selects for you the optimal type of track for your device (some GARMIN devices can handle more or less trackpoints).

You are just tree simple steps away from getting outside with your GPS:

1) Select you route (check this example)

2) Connect your GPS to your PC

3) Click on the download  tab (top right (check this example))

And off you go...

(*) Sorry for the  Mac-users: Garmin does not support yet this functionality for your Mac. Manual download is the solution...



2014-07-23 09:07:35

I think there are more scopes to progress. New technologies are coming I know. I was not known about this also. pop over here