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In 1231 the church of Grotenberghe is mentioned for the first time in literature. It was probably a wooden building that was later replaced by a stone version. Priest and architect Jan August Clarysse was ordered to draw plans for a new church in 1853, in all likelihood because of the run-down state of the stone building. The new church eventually became a copy of the pseudo-basilica Saint-Laurentius church in Poesele. It also is the first successful example of a neo-Gothic church in Zottegem.
In four years time (1853-1857) not only the church was built but the furniture was also decorated. The rather radical decision of the architect to only use neo-Gothic furniture creates a beautiful union of style. The only exception to this neo-Gothic union is the bell in the choir. Along with the adequate proportions of the building, this bell is one of the key assets of the church. Matthias Zens, an artist from Ghent, finished the church at its current condition at the end of the nineteenth century.
Fun fact: This church is probably the only church in Zottegem where there are no paintings.
During the last restoration in 2001, the white paint of 1945 was removed to reveal the original polychrome again. In 2004 the church and the interior became protected heritage.Source:Geert Van Bockstaele, Grotenberge. Kerk en Parochie 1232-2005
Grotenberge 2005 & Geert Van Bockstaele, De kerk van Sint-Pietersbanden en Sint-Berlindis te Grotenberge, Zottegem 2009

Copyright: All rights reserved

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