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Jan Turpin, Goliath, Griete, Rosalinde, Puuptje, Jacqueline

Bills from 1494 refer already to the existence of a giant in the town. Before the First World War there was already a town giant called Goliath considered being a Catholic. A second one, Griete, a giantess, was liberally minded. At that time, the socialists still did not have a giant.
The present giant, Jan Turpin II, dates from 1963 and with its 10,60 m it is the largest giant from Europe being carried. At least 24 carriers are necessary to set out with Jan Turpin. But who was Jan Turpin? None other than the mayor of Nieuwpoort, who asked the women in 1489 to fight together with their exhausted men to protect the town. And they fought so "cloeckelijck" that the French, the people of Bruges and Ghent could buzz off. Internationally, this was something quite new for Nieuwpoort being able to celebrate the first "year of the woman" already in 1489.
The giants can often be admired on the occasion of national and international festivities thanks to the dynamic functioning of the giant guild 'Jan Turpin' of Nieuwpoort.

Copyright: All rights reserved

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8620 Nieuwpoort, Belgium

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