Climbing between the Our, Sauer and Wiltz rivers

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The route starts in Vianden (but of course you can start anywhere on this route) and runs along the Our reservoir (the lower basin) to Bivels (i.e. a few relatively flat kilometres at first). Then the ascent to the upper basin of the reservoir (the ascent from Saint-Nicolas via a road closed to car traffic). Once at the top, you can visit the viewpoint on the tank.

You will then cycle about 15 kilometers on a plateau, but you will also descend into and exit the valley of Stool Creek. You cycle in the direction of Holzthum and follow the slightly busier CR322 with the N7 for about three kilometres before the large roundabout. After Holzthum there is a long descent to Kautenbach (approx. 5 km). In Kautenbach, the ascent follows the Konerhaff coast with many hairpin bends and then it goes down to the Wiltz. In the Wiltz Valley, follow the cycle path (PC) for a bit along the Wiltz, then follow the ascent to the Nocher plateau on another secluded and well-paved road (as there are so many in this part of Luxembourg).

The route then descends to the Sauer (Sauer), you follow the N27 quite calmly for a while, then you get the ascent to Feischterbierg, considered by some to be the most beautiful climb in Luxembourg. Via Bourscheid and past the large Bourscheid Castle, it goes down to the Sûre. Then you follow the Sauer with a moderately difficult climb of almost a hundred meters above sea level and descend into the Sauer valley before you get another long climb, in this case towards Maarkebach. This is followed by a short descent and ascent to Gralingen (passage of the valley of the river Blees).

Across the valley of the river Blees, you cycle to Brandenburg, where the castle ruins rise above the village, and follow a short climb (one and a half kilometers long). Then it goes down onto a country road that has bumpy asphalt here and there and sometimes grass grows through the asphalt in the middle (careful descent). Then you enter a stream valley where you ascend through a short steep climb. Finally, you cycle back to Vianden via two cycle paths (cycle paths).

There are few opportunities to eat/drink along the way. Of course, it is quite possible in Vianden, but on the way it is possible in Kautenbach (hotel-restaurant 50 meters from the route), in some campsites of the Sauerdal and in a restaurant in Brandenburg (but this restaurant is closed in the afternoon from 2 pm to 6 pm).


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