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Rinda-Irbe, Latvia

LV | | 38.7 km


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Route description

Rinda is one of the slowest rivers of Latvia, comes out off lake of Puze, joins another river called Stende, where begins Irbe.
Boat hire operators:
Abavas Brīvdienas (Canoe/Kayaks) (+371)26825352
Abavas laivas (SUP/Canoe/Kayaks/Rafts) (+371) 29286489
Campo (Inflatable/Canoe/Kayaks/SeaKayaks) (+371) 29404049
Daba Laba (Canoe) (+371) 26844295
Jūras laivas (SOT/Canoe/Kayaks/SeaKayaks) (+371) 29464901
Kanoecentrs (SUP/Canoe/Kayaks/SeaKayaks) (+371) 26116933
Kurzemeslaivas (Canoe) (+371) 29985244
Lapsas (Canoe) (+371) 29135682
Mučas (+371) 26132961
Niknās laivas (row-boats/kayaks) (+371) 26377055
Rindas skola (Canoe) (+371) 29186127
Sofijas laivas (canoe/rafts/kayaks) (+371) 29339677

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