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Fort Nassau was a factorij in New Netherland between 1626-1651 located at the mouth of Big Timber Creek at its confluence with the Delaware River. It was the first known permanent European-built structure in what would become the state of New Jersey. The creek name is a derived from the Dutch language Timmer Kill as recorded by David Pietersen de Vries in his memoirs of his journey of 1630–1633. The Delaware Valley and its bay was called the "South River" (Dutch: Zuyd Rivier); the "North River" of the colony was the Hudson. The factorij built for trade, mostly in beaver pelts, with the indigenous population of Susquehannock and Lenape, and to retain a physical claim to the territory. While generally described as being at today's Gloucester City, New Jersey (39°53′41″N 75°07′45″W); analysis places it on the peninsula in the cove, now Brooklawn (39°52′50″N 75°07′36″W). or possibly on the south side of the creek's cove, at today's Westville (39°52′48″N 75°08′19″W).


Copyright: CC 3.0

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