Raymond Verdoolaege

Sifnos: Kamares-Panagia Toso Nero-Agios Konstantinos-Agia Marina-Agios Nikolaos T' Aerina-Vathy

| 13.3 km


Author: Raymond Verdoolaege

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Route description

This is probably one of the longest hikes you can make on the island of Sífnos. It combines the climb from Kamáres and the marvellous view of the bay, with the monastery of Panagía Tóso Neró, followed by the magnificent trip through the real interior of Sífnos to the beautiful little monastery of Agios Nikólaos T' Aeriná, and it finally ends at the bay of Vathý.
When climbing up from Kamáres, to the trail coming from Agios Elefthérios, the path used to be very difficult to find. In 2008, however, the path was made passable again, and also marked by means of cairns. In 2011 finally, it was totally cleared and, sometimes, it follows an other trace.
This part of the hike remains very interesting, because you find out how one of the most beautiful kalderímia of the Cycladic isles – what the trail from Kamáres definitely used to be – can be badly damaged as a result of the difficult terrain and landslides.
The path from Panagía Tóso Neró to Agios Konstantínos – which did no longer exist until a few years ago – had been completely cleared in 2008, so this has now become a very beautiful walk. Past Agia Marína you get to the well-known trail leading from Apollonía to Vathý.
See also www.cycladen.be

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