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Bignor Roman Villa

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Historical place
Location type: Historical place
Location address: United Kingdom, Chichester, Bignor
Number of texts: 3
3 stars
Made by | Reference Gaius Cornelius | © CC 3.0
Made by | Reference | © CC 3.0

Bignor Roman Villa is a large Roman courtyard villa which has been excavated and put on public display on the Bignor estate in the English county of West Sussex. It is well known for its high quality mosaic floors, which are some of the most complete and intricate in the country.

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Made by Historvius | Reference Historvius | © All rights reserved
Made by Historvius | Reference Historvius | © All rights reserved

Bignor Roman Villa is a large Roman villa site on the Bignor estate and contains some of the best preserved Roman mosaics in Britain.

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Made by x3mwt

Bignor Roman villa was discovered in 1811 and has one of the finest examples of mosiac floors in Britain.  The mosiacs which are under cover display images of Venus and Cupid, along with Gladiators, Medusa and Ganymede.

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