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  1. Hiking route
    BE | Hiking route
    | 19.8 km | EN
    After a few Saturdays enjoying being on two wheels, it was time to allow my bike to cool down and put on my hiking boots for a 22 km hike starting from the centre of Esneux, a small village to the south of Liége. My destination was La Roche aux faucons, a steep outcrop of rocks with outstanding views over the River Ourthe. Despite setting off with heavy cloud cover and early morning mist, the weather forecast said that clouds would disappear by noon, and predicted a gorgeously sunny clear afternoon....
  2. Recreational cycle route
    BE | Recreational cycle route
    | 48.3 km | EN
    This cycling route takes you alogn the 5 gateways of Hoge Kempen National Park. The Hoge Kempen National Park is accessible via five local ‘Gateways’. At each one there is a car park, a café and an information board, while some have visitor centres. Each...
  3. Recreational cycle route
    BE | Recreational cycle route
    | 78.6 km | EN
    Training track for road bike. Can be a very hard track when the weather is windy. I start in the Center of sint-Niklaas and follow the direction of e34 Nieuwkerken. After the highway you enter the Port of Antwerpen. From here the wind can Crack you. I...
  4. Recreational walking route
    BE | Recreational walking route
    | 7.74 km | EN
  5. Race cycle route
    BE | Race cycle route
    | 115 km | EN
    De route start dicht bij het Sint-Pieter station in Gent, en loopt van daaruit langs het water naar Oudenaarde. Doordat de route een lus is kan je overal beginnen op de route. het eerste deel vertrekkend uit Gent loopt langs de schelde tot in Oudenaarden...
  6. Recreational walking route
    BE | Recreational walking route
    | 4.14 km | EN
    Ontdek het achterland van Kasteel Beauvoorde tijdens deze korte wandeling. Volledige brochure met uitgebreide wandeling en info verkrijgbaar in het bezoekerscentrum bij Kasteel Beauvoorde, Wulveringemstraat 10.

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