Donkvijver Oudenaarde


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This place was set up during the '60s when, during the construction of the N60, the original landscape that mainly consisted of pastures had to make room for a lake of 40 ha, including a desert island. According to legend, a truck got stuck during the construction and it is still at the bottom of the lake.
Apart from the recreational activities that have been developed ever since, a valuable biotope originated here. Especially during winter the lake is the home of an enormous bird population. More than 10,000 years ago, this place was frequented by hunter-gatherers and alsothe first farmers grazed their cattle here.
If you need any refreshment, the tavern 'Den Dronk' will welcome you. This tavern is part of 'The Outsider', an organisation that organizes outdoor activities for groups, schools and clubs.

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