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Bivaouc de blancs bois

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This network of 5 legal bivouac pitches in the Parc Naturel des Deux Ourthes has been specially developed for hikers on foot, by bike or on horseback. Motor vehicles and groups are not allowed. Respect the environment and the peace and quiet and company of any fellow travellers.
The small bivouacs (aires de bivouacs) open since June 2015 are part of a broader project on authentic nature experience 24h/24 in the Parc Naturel des Deux Ourthes (province of Luxembourg) during your multi-day hike, by bike or horseback. You can stay there one night and walk or cycle the next morning again, possibly to another bivouac zone.
Together with the 9 bivouac pitches in the Parc Naturel Viroin - Hermeton, this bivouac possibility in the Parc Naturel des Deux Ourthes is unique in Wallonia and a beautiful evolution. For the first time you may stay in nature for a short period of time as a legal alternative to illegal wildlife campsites, at least if you respect some rules. These are laid down in a code for bivouackeepers. They can be consulted on the bivouac zone. Read them. You can also find the most important guidelines on this page.
You arrive after 4 pm, stay one night for free at any place and leave the next morning before 10 am to continue your trip. Daytime residence camping is not done and a violation of the code of conduct. These bivouacs are really meant for' pullers'.
Official information about the bivouac zones in the Parc Naturel des Deux Ourthes can be found on the Escapardenne website. You can also go over the bivouac rules again on site.

The bivouac zone of Blancs Bois is a special case. You share this bivouac with holidaymakers who can barbecue here in a large hut. This can be accompanied by some drinks and parties, although it is of course also true that bbc' ers must respect the environment and the presence of bivouacs (and vice versa). Especially during weekends and summer holidays the bbc is often used, also by groups. The bbc-place cannot be reserved, so you have as much right as they have to be present at the place, grilling a sausage and bivouacing. Also read the bivouac rules on the info board.

Bivakzone Blancs Bois is located high above the valleys of Ourthe and Cowan. It lies right along the path of the signposted main route of Escapardenne, between Alhoumont and Houffalize (or vice versa). GR 57 also runs in the area but not along the bivouac zone. You can't miss the spot. The name Blancs Bois refers to the white tree trunks of birch, which you can still find between the many pines.

Bivakzone Blancs Bois has next to a lawn there is also a barbecue hut. It is not only a large grill with fire place but also has several picnic tables. This bivouac zone does not have a water point, so bring your water supply from Houffalize. The centre of the city of Houffalize is 3 km away, apart from the hotel and catering industry you will also find a Proxy Delhaize and a Spar. There is no train station in Houffalize, but there are buses to the station of Gouvy and to a lot of other destinations in the region. Express bus 1011 (Aarlen - Liège) also passes through Houffalize. There is also a tourism office and also in the centre is the building of the Parc Naturel des Deux Ourthes, initiator of the 5 bivouac zones.

The strong demand for bivouacs in the Ardennes is not yet met with enough available bivouac zones. As a result, it can sometimes be very busy on these bivouac zones. If you like to go on a holiday quietly, it is best to avoid weekends and school holidays.

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