Zegelsem: Fire Salamander and Acorn Mouse Route (old version)

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14.5 km
154 m

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Last verified: 21 April 2023
Translated by Azure

Description by the author


Additional info: Natuurpunt has changed routes and departure locations (due to being too busy during lockdown) and can be followed with intersections. The fire salamander becomes 13 km and the acorn mouse route becomes 11 km. A new 4 km course has been added: The Snuiterspad (May 2022). I didn't think innovation was an immediate improvement.

With GPS, this beautiful old version will of course still be possible to follow, the well-known signs of Natuurpunt have been removed.


Always nice to walk, good arrows. Blue is the route of the Fire Salamander and red is the route of the Acorn mouse.

Two walks of 'Natuurpunt'. The starting point is the same, Perreveld (approximately at No. 17) in Brakel, Zegelsem. Few parking space, 5 spaces. They can also be traveled separately, about 7 km each.
Stroll over meadows and fields and through flowering spring forests, babbling streams, trails with pollard willows and hollow roads with occasional steep climbs.

The Burreken, a picturesque place in the Flemish Ardennes.

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