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About Fairbnb.coop

Let's change tourism for the better – one booking at a time.

Fairbnb.coop is the FAIR alternative to conventional holiday-rental platforms.

We believe in the power of a sharing economy and simply love the idea behind sharing your home with tourists to enable them an authentic and local experience. Just like us – so do many other million people worldwide. Unfortunately, the exploding trend of short-term rentals has taken the wrong path leading to a future where tourism becomes a threat to destinations and their citizens. Gentrification, Environmental Pollution and Cultural Alienation are just a few of the negative impacts conventional short-term rental platforms have caused in the last decades. We believe that tourism could be a solution and not a problem – but only if we are all ready to MAKE A CHANGE.

According to AIRDNA, the total consumer market for short-term rentals totaled $107 billion in 2018. An incredible amount of money that flows directly into the pockets of international companies – leaving little to no financial impact to local communities. This is what we seek to change: While Fairbnb.coop, like other platforms, charges a commission, it differentiates from others in terms of how that commission is used. Half of the commission is retained by Fairbnb.coop to maintain its operations, while the other half is used to fund local community projects. In this way, Fairbnb.coop gives both hosts and guests the opportunity to participate in a more equitable and sustainable tourism model.


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