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  1. CH | Recreational walking route
    | 23.3 km | EN, NL

    This walk starts and ends at the home of Wagner, now a museum. It takes you through a forest and the foothills of Mount Pilate. The walk takes you back along the lake that Wagner frequented so many times.

  2. CH | Walking route
    | 9.33 km | EN
    Fall in love with the region (Zermatt). Enjoy the route. The walking route starts at the church.. A perfect formula for a (sunny) day: A museum (Matterhorn Museum) and some nice walking tracks and paths. This route is certainly a must do when your in the region.
  3. CH | Walking route
    | 6.33 km | EN
    Nice meeting you: Bauma. Low emission mobility: public transport and walking. You can start at a train station (Bauma railway station). The walking route starts at the car park.. Enjoy the calmth of unpaved roads along this route.
  4. CH | Hiking route
    | 17.6 km | EN, NL

    This walk takes you to the top of Mount Pilatus. A very challenging walk! You will follow in the footsteps of the famous philosopher Nietzsche and composer Wagner. These friends regularly wandered around on this remarkable mountain.

  5. CH | Walking route
    | 7.42 km | EN
    You'll encounter some nice and calm roads along this route. You can expect a green tour. You will certainly be charmed by this route.. The walking route starts at the car park.

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