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Fountain of Sainte-Adele

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Author: Willem Vandenameele

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This fountain is dedicated to Sainte-Adèle, she was the daughter of a powerful ruler of the 6th century, close to the power of the Merovingian kings. It is said that Sainte-Adèle, born blind, regained her sight on the day of her baptism. Very devoutly Adele founded the abbey of Orp the Great. This abbey became noberline at the end of the Middle Ages.

The fountain of Warnant, the sacred and healing source of eye diseases, has been the object of ardent piety ever since. At the time when the tram ran on the Lesve-Warnant link and the train passed through Warnant on the line connecting Dinant to Tamines, special convoys brought pilgrims to Warnant for religious ceremonies.

Every year, on the first Sunday of July, Sainte-Adèle is celebrated with a procession in the village, the blessing of the water and the veneration of the relics.

The well still welcomes a number of farmers and residents who come to get supplies from the clear waters.

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