Sander Vancanneyt

Roc Vieux (2285m)

CH | | 7.74 km


Author: Sander Vancanneyt

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Route description

This hike takes you to a very nice panorama view over the Val d’Herence above the village Heremence.


Length: 10,2km
Height difference: 580m
Difficulty: T3 - Challenging mountain hike
Parking and starting point: Parking Lac Blue in La Gouillie


The first section of the hike follows an old trail that's not used often anymore, path is overgrown at several places. It's not on Open Street Map either but still is on the Suiss topo map.


We start at La Gouillie, a little village that attracts many visitors that are going to the lake Lac Blue above. There is a big parking space but can get crowded in summer, if you start early you'll still have some space. The route starts in the direction of Arolla over the asphalt, after a 100m there’s a path at the left which goes down towards the Borgne d’Arolla which you cross over a bridge. Once over go to the left along a grassy trail which leads to a stream which you’ll have to cross over. A wire to keep animals out the stream can obstruct the path. Once over the stream the path ascends through the woods and it’s often not very good visible and at various points overgrown. The main visitors among these trails are not hikers but sheep which you’ll meet along the way. Keep following the sheep trail but be aware that these sheep also made other paths and those can be misleading! Keep following straight ahead north/northeast direction and ignore other side trails. A bit further, you’ll cross two streams, a side trail that crosses must be ignored and keep going north/northeast until you’ll see old white red white marks. If you’ll see those you are on the main road from Mayens de Veisivi to the roc vieux. Keep ascending until you’ll get at the panorama point of Roc vieux.

The return is along the same trail up until 2100m, we will descend towards Mayens de Veisivi and we’ll keep on the trail that descends further down. The trail goes through a grass field where the trail is not good visible, there are a few stone men that lead the way until your back in the forest. Keep descending until you’ll reach the alpage of Mayens de Veisivi. Fences are in place for the sheep, you’ll need to step over them. Go through to the most right building of Mayens de Veisivi to get on the big road that leads up to this place. We’ll descend along that road down until you’ll cross the Borgne d’Arolla, the trail ascends again and once you’ll go under electric wires you’ll get at a junction which you take to the left. After a building on the right, at the next junction, don’t go to the descending big trail on your left, but straight ahead in a smaller trail just below the main road to Arolla. This path ascends a bit and keeps below the main road. At the next junction straight ahead and this will get you back along the main road. Keep following the main road until you’re back at La Gouillie.

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