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  1. Touring motorcycle route
    US | Touring motorcycle route
    | 977 mi | EN
    Three day trip to get to the RFTW starting point
  2. Cycle route
    US | Cycle route
    | 346 mi | EN

    Depart St. Croix Falls and head north to the famous Delta Diner in northern Wisconsin. After a savory lunch, wind your way south towards Stillwater, Minnesota through the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forrest. Roll into Stillwater and enjoy a post-ride libation.

  3. Touring motorcycle route
    US | Touring motorcycle route
    | 24.2 mi | EN

    When friends decide to travel to Miami for the weekend, it means that I have the perfect excuse to visit all of my favorite restaurants.
    I've lived in Miami my entire life, other than the four years I moved away for college. When it was time to graduate, I had a few options. Originally, New York City was the place for me. However, after spending four summers in the Big Apple, I realized that maybe I could be happy living somewhere else. I took a few steps back and thought about my hometown. I was fortunate to grow up in a neighborhood where the beach was a two minute walk from my house, the sun was basically always shining and there's always something delicious to eat.
    I am so happy with my decision to move back home. So far, I've discovered some pretty amazing places and my friends and family can definitely agree.

    Today, I am so excited to share with you a list on which I've worked hard and long.
    If you have plans to travel to Miami soon or are dreaming of a vacation here in the future, below are the local food spots I recommend you check out.

  4. Walking route
    US | Walking route
    | 10 mi | EN, NL
    Tour starting at Union Station and visiting the major spots in Washinton D.C. during a one-day introduction walk of the city. The tour ends at Belga Café where you can have a great meal, Belgian beer or Belgian waffle.
  5. Touring motorcycle route
    US | Touring motorcycle route
    | 114 mi | EN

    Western New York's Erie Canal Tour, from Lockport to the Genese River in Rochester, with a return loop down Route 104/Ridge Road.

    Historic 'port' towns and plenty of bridges (often steel deck) - both lift & elevated, with a tunnel under the canal thrown in for fun.

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