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  1. Recreational cycle route
    US | Recreational cycle route
    | 26.3 mi | EN
    High Trestle Trail is a rail trail running 25 miles (40 km) from Ankeny, Iowa, to Woodward, Iowa. The recreation trail opened on April 30, 2011. It is a paved recreational trail that runs through the counties of Polk, Story, Boone, and Dallas in Iowa. The trail's name is derived from a former 1913 bridge that spanned the Des Moines River between the towns of Madrid and Woodward. Conservation board directors and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation estimate that more than 3,000 people use this trail...
  2. Inline skating route
    US | Inline skating route
    | 35.7 mi | EN
    Although most of the time used as cycling route, these trails are also perfect for inline skating. The General James A. Van Fleet State Trail is a rail trail in Florida, named after General James A. Van Fleet, who was a distinguished combat commander...
  3. Ice skating route
    US | Ice skating route
    | 9.02 mi | EN
    Famous inline skating route along the south side of the Charles River. The route is car free. So ideal fornon-experienced inline skaters. It follows the Dr. Paul Dudley White Path.
  4. Hiking route
    US | Hiking route
    | 16.6 mi | EN
    Long hike along the Hoh River Trail. It gets you just near the Blue Glacier at the end. Beware! This track is one way. You still have to come back! The Hoh River Trail also gets you to the most quiet place of the US: "One Square Inch of Silence".
  5. Touring motorcycle route
    US | Touring motorcycle route
    | 86.2 mi | EN
    This motor route takes you through the varied landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains from Harrisburg to Frackville along the 81. It brings you along the peculiar "eternal fires" of Centralia. Learn all about them on this trip. You also will pass plenty...
  6. Recreational cycle route
    US | Recreational cycle route
    | 44.7 mi | EN
    The Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park is a linear regional park in Northern Virginia. The park's primary feature is the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Trail (abbreviated as W&OD Trail), an asphalt-surfaced paved rail trail...

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