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  1. Recreational cycle route
    US | Recreational cycle route
    | 44.7 mi | EN
    The Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park is a linear regional park in Northern Virginia. The park's primary feature is the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Trail (abbreviated as W&OD Trail), an asphalt-surfaced paved rail trail that runs through densely populated urban and suburban communities as well as through rural areas. Most of the trail travels on top of the rail bed of the former Washington and Old Dominion Railroad, which closed in 1968. More info Inspired by OSM.
  2. Recreational walking route
    US | Recreational walking route
    | 9.78 mi | EN
    If this is your first visit to Boston, this walk is a great introduction to the major sites south of the Charles River. You should count for a whole day to do this walk (without too many breaks).
  3. Recreational walking route
    US | Recreational walking route
    | 5.27 mi | EN
    This walk is a great introduction to New Haven and the places linked to Yale University. It also leads you along the famous Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, containing many peculiar books such as the Voynich manuscript.
  4. Hiking route
    US | Hiking route
    | 16.6 mi | EN
    Long hike along the Hoh River Trail. It gets you just near the Blue Glacier at the end. Beware! This track is one way. You still have to come back! The Hoh River Trail also gets you to the most quiet place of the US: "One Square Inch of Silence".
  5. Motorcycle route
    US | Motorcycle route
    | 129 mi | EN
    My After Church Ride
  6. Race cycle route
    US | Race cycle route
    | 35.7 mi | EN
    The General James A. Van Fleet State Trail is a rail trail in Florida, named after General James A. Van Fleet, who was a distinguished combat commander in both World Wars and the Korean War. The complete trail occupies a 29.2-mile (47.0 km) abandoned...

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News item in the spotlight

We would like to introduce you to the lovely island of Lemnos (Greece ) and to the great website Nature Traveller.  The enthousiastic lady behind this initiative is Anta. She will show you during her walks the deeper connection to nature and her heritage.

Anta will guide you on thematic trails to learn how this bond to nature has developed on Lemnos island. Merge hiking, learning and enjoyment in an integrated experience, worth sharing with your own people. Experience your visit as a traveller and become a link in the world’ s cultural  chain. Have a look.

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