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  1. US | Touring motorcycle route
    | 114 mi | EN

    Western New York's Erie Canal Tour, from Lockport to the Genese River in Rochester, with a return loop down Route 104/Ridge Road.

    Historic 'port' towns and plenty of bridges (often steel deck) - both lift & elevated, with a tunnel under the canal thrown in for fun.

  2. US | Touring motorcycle route
    | 233 mi | EN

    Portland, OR to Amboy WA. On through Cougar, WA and continuing through forest land to the Mt. St. Helens Windy Ridge viewpoint. Returning via Stevenson Wa, HWY 14 along the Columbia River gorge back to Portland. This trip is nearly 50% US Forest service land. Tree, lakes and lots of twisty roads. There are many viewpoints to enjoy.

  3. US | MTB route
    | 403 mi | EN

    The Trans North Georgia is a trail in North Georgia. It goes thourgh the hilly to mountainous northern region of the U.S. state of Georgia. At the time of the arrival of settlers from Europe, it was inhabited largely by the Cherokee. The counties of north Georgia were often scenes of important events in the history of Georgia. It was the site of many American Civil War battles, including the Battle of Lookout Mountain and the Battle of Chickamauga, leading up to the Atlanta Campaign. Today, particularly in the northeast portion of the region, tourism sustains the local economy.

  4. US | Touring motorcycle route
    | 79.8 mi | EN

    Loch Raven, Pretty Boy and Liberty Reservoirs in Baltimore County, Maryland

  5. US | Hiking route
    | 3.02 mi | EN, NL

    The walk is quite tough, but we got a great reward. An hour before sunset we arrive at a phenomenal rock arch that strikes us with astonishment. What an impressive arch.

    Together with other walkers we look for a good place to see the sunset. There is a cheerful and sympathetic atmosphere. The landscape changes from ocher yellow to orange to even deep red when the sun shines its last rays on Delicate Arch. We enjoy the romantic sunset here and return absolutely satisfied.

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