Cabane de Bertol (3311m)



18.2 km
1160 m

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A challenging Alpine hike to a breathtaking panorama view over the icy world of Glacier du Mont Miné


Height difference: 1300m
Duration: 7-8h
Difficulty: T4-T5 - Challenging alpine hike (very depending on the conditions snow/ice)
Gear: hiking poles/ice axe + crampons


This is an Alpine route and ONLY for experienced hikers with Alpine experience. 
Do NOT perform this hike in bad weather or without appropriate gear. 
Check the conditions of the trail at the tourist office or ask mountain guides.
This trail goes on the remnants of Glacier de Bertol, depending on the time of the year you can go along the snowtrail or along the rocky section with ropes and ladders with added danger of falling rocks (keep an eye on who's beneath you!)
To get in the hut, you'll need to climb some long ladders, not for persons with vertigo!


The route starts just below the village of Arolla at a parking lot. The trail towards the cabane is well indicated so keep following the sign poles towards Plan de Bertol, Glacier de Bertol, Cabane de Bertol. Along the trail you'll get to learn more about the work that has been done in the valley for water collection of the barrage des Dix. Once you arrive at Plan de Bertol, you'll get to see the crows nest where we are headed to, the trail becomes more rocky when you arrive at Glacier de Bertol sign pole. From this point we enter Alpine area and it's also indicated that way with all the dangers that are possible. The glacier itself is still a bit further and you can follow the white/red/white marks through the rocks to get to the glacier. Depending on the conditions and time of the year, it's good to get your crampons on before proceeding. Further the climb will get much more steep and good grip is needed so crampons are a must. The markings will dissapear and now you're on your own, if there is snow follow the snow trail further up, at some points a red pole will guide you through. Don't try to go in a straight line to the hut, it's really steep, stick to the snow trail. Depending on conditions the next part is over the rocks with ladders, ropes; it's possible to ignore these by going on the snow trail to the left of the rocks; it takes a turn around these rocks and it's off trail (like most of the trail on the glacier). The snow trail brings you right at the big ladders to the hut. You can try to get on the col too but be carefull. A warm welcome awaits at the cabane but also a breathtaking view over the Glacier de Mont Miné. To get back to Arolla, we follow the same way back, but be carefull on the glacier/snow.

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