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The successful Landing on Groß Stresow by Prussian, Danish and Saxon troops took place on 15 November 1715 on the island of Rügen, Germany during the Great Northern War. The landing was followed with cavalry assaults from the Swedish defences on the island, commanded by Charles XII king of Sweden who despite the huge numerical disadvantage of - one up against five - chose to attack the fortified camp. The Swedes managed to get past the "Cheval de frise" and break through, but was then rapidly repulsed and routed after taking heavy casualties.
The battle had lasted for almost an hour, and Charles whom got his horse shot dead under him during the fight, later said: "Is there no god beside me?". The attack was supposed to work like a needle-maneuver "concentrate the full attack at one point, break through and then destroy the defences from the inside" used by the Swedes fifteen years earlier in the battle of Narva, where they were greatly successful and victorious.


Copyright: CC 3.0

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