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German submarine U-1223


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German submarine U-1223 was a Type IXC/40 U-boat built for Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine during World War II.
German Type IXC/40 submarines were slightly larger than the original Type IXCs. U-1223 had a displacement of 1,144 tonnes when at the surface and 1,257 tonnes while submerged. The U-boat had a total length of 76.76 m , a pressure hull length of 58.75 m , a beam of 6.86 m , a height of 9.60 m , and a draught of 4.67 m . The submarine was powered by two MAN M 9 V 40/46 supercharged four-stroke, nine-cylinder diesel engines producing a total of 4,400 metric horsepower for use while surfaced, two Siemens-Schuckert 2 GU 345/34 double-acting electric motors producing a total of 1,000 shaft horsepower for use while submerged. She had two shafts and two 1.92 m propellers. The boat was capable of operating at depths of up to 230 metres .


Copyright: Creative Commons 3.0

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Bremerhaven, Germany

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