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  1. Race cycle route
    ES | Race cycle route
    | 188 km | EN
    from Costa Teguise to north to south to north
  2. Hiking route
    ES | Hiking route
    | 58 km | EN
    Pilgrimroute for walking between Fisterra and O Logoso. The following cities are on the route: Fisterra, Muxia and O Logoso.
  3. Hiking route
    ES | Hiking route
    | 14.9 km | EN
    Nice route for healthy hickers. Don't forget the coffee in La Joya :)
  4. Touring motorcycle route
    ES | Touring motorcycle route
    | 764 km | EN, NL, ES
    The N-634 that goes from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela is a topper to do by bike. Sometimes you are near the sea and on other occasions you go through the interior. It runs through the autonomous...
  5. Hiking route
    ES | Hiking route
    | 28.5 km | EN
    This is the last part of the famous route to Santiago de Compostella.

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This route from Roots magazine is a great example of why it is useful to be able to choose your background map as a Pro user. The default setting used is the Google Maps map (see below).

But with routes like this in areas like this you need a bit more detail to situate the route. And we offer this opportunity with a Pro account. There you determine what the user sees as the default map when they end up on your route. Read here more about this.



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