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  1. ES | Walking route
    | 2.99 km | EN
    You'll be discovering a part of El Port de la Selva with this walking route. Discover the region along unpaved roads. This route is certainly a must do when your in the region. The walking route starts at the car park.
  2. ES | Walking route
    | 16.9 km | EN
    Explore by hikingBelbimbre. An adventurous route. You'll be walking along some unpaved roads. The walking route starts at the church.. You'll also discover a part of a long-distance cycling trail during this route.
  3. ES | Hiking route
    | 11.2 km | EN

    Pista el Lagar

  4. ES | Hiking route
    | 185 km | EN, NL

    Cami de Cavalis is a historical path. Many occupants of the island had to keep a close eye on this island. That is why they continuously traveled around the island with horses, which has now become a beautiful and famous path: the Cami de Cavalis. It is widely accepted that the Camí de Cavalls was built in order to connect the watchtowers, fortresses and cannons distributed along the coast of the island and to make the transport of troops and artillery easier. However, the date of its origin is not so clear. The most accepted theory attributes it is the French invaders during the different periods they lived in the island, but according to some studies, it could have been created in the 14th century. Since its original function was the defence and the control of the island, it was patrolled by soldiers mounted on Menorquin horses, hence the word cavalls (meaning "horses" in Catalan) in the name of the path. The path is divided in 20 different stages, each of them between 5 and 14 km. All the start and arrival points can be gained access to by road traffic, making possible to cover only one or some stages of the path at a time.

  5. ES | Cycle route
    | 104 km | EN, NL, FR

    CPB (Costa / Paisatges Barcelona): Route 12

    This is a long, advanced-level ride, taking in the incredible pilgrimage location of Montserrat, famous in Catalonia for its amazing geological shapes, and its monastery. Every autumn, cyclists from all over Barcelona ride to the top on the same day for a cyclists’ blessing, from the Abbot of the Monastery. Before Montserrat the ride climbs straight out of Terrassa, then after Montserrat this route continues on to climb the Coll d’Estenalles, which is even longer and higher than the climb up to Montserrat. This is a day of memorable views of the geology and heritage of the Montserrat and Sant Llorenç del Munt Natural Parks, with a large climb in each.

    You will find this route and many more in Catalonia, on the Catalan Tourism Board’s map, here: http://act.gencat.cat/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Mapa-guia-Rutes-ENG-baixa.pdf

    You can find more cycling routes and tips in the following links:

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The first French bicycle network via nodes extends over the Leie valley & French-Flemish hills. Good for a total of 270 nodes and more than 830 km of cycling fun along the most beautiful spots.

The network connects seamlessly with the Belgian nodes. You can cycle across the 'schreve' (the border) without any problems and have an authentic experience along windmills, memorial sites of the Artois, the banks of the Lys, the Audomarois nature reserve and so much more.

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